Free Comic Book Day 2014: The Comic Books Part II

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A few days ago we reviewed most of the Free Comic Book Day 2014 comic books. A big thank you has to go to the staff at Readers Den who were kind enough to supply the comics that we were unable to get Digital Copies of, hence a few titles being left out of my Free Comic Book Day comic synopsis and rating. Here are a few more reviews…

Future’s End #0

DC offers a brilliant read that kicks off a new story arc in the DC universe. This story takes us a number of years into the future as what is left of the DC roster attempts to battle a technological threat that has enslaved all the world as heroes and villains fall victim to am all new, all powerful, all seeing Eye. The art in this issue is amazing, accompanied by great writing this is definitely an issue you should be paying for…grab it if you can!

Rating: A+

Transformers vs GI Joe (IDW)

IDW offers a re-mastering of a classic cross over that features two of Hasbro’s major franchises. The colours are bright and psychedelic, lending to the time period of its initial release. Fanboys of either of these franchises should definitely grab this issue as it will wake up those feelings of nostalgia for sure. Another reason to grab this issue is the fact that it shows you just why Snake Eyes has to wear a mask.

Rating: A

Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel)

This issue is made of three parts, the first being an introduction to each team member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Flash Thompson aka Agent Venom is approached by Tony Stark an offered a spot on the team of the Galactic Guardians. This leads to Flash Thompson and the reader being briefed on each team member and their motivation for what they do. This issue serves its purpose well as it brings readers up to speed with the team behind Marvel’s next cinematic success. The second part of the story deals with another Galactic threat in the form of Thanos as he attempts to reveal a little more about his character to the reader. The final section is known as “Staging Ground” as it shows Spiderman in an adventure that happened decades ago at the Globe Theatre. The art and costumes are great in this offering as it shows us just what the Spider-Verse has to offer.

Rating: A+

Rise of the Magi (Image)

Rise of the Magi is not a bad story but it is not what a reader would really want to receive from Image at this stage. Image has become more known for its mature titles, so offering a more kiddy friendly title for FCBD was not really that great. I am sure many where expecting a Walking Dead special issue especially as it is a Gold Comic. Instead you have Rise of the Magi that tells the tale of a young magician in a world where all magic and every aspect of it is gathered into a sphere, the only problem is that the sphere has been stolen. The protagonist is the younger brother of a spell guard, unlike his older brother his family wants him to forget about magic and focus on their trade, selling rugs. In typical fashion this only leads to magic being practised without the consent of parents in a story with a rather predictable ending. Fortunately the art is pleasing to the eye.

Rating: B

Avatar the last Air Bender ( Dark Horse Comics)

This issue opens with an entertaining read from one of Nickolodeon’s most successful franchises. This issue also features two more family friendly titles being released by Dark Horse Comics. It has a short gag comic curteousy of Itty Bitty Hellboy. This story is a mere two pages long with a single punchline to offer. The final read comes from Juice Squeezers. Juice Squeezers tells the tale of a couple of scrawny teens that fight giant sized bugs in secret; protecting the town from creepy crawlies that will make you cringe. This issue offers a humorous, light-hearted story of revenge. The art and colouring is great even though the story is rather predictable.

Rating: B

Hello Kitty and Friends (Perfect Square)

Hello Kitty offers pictogram stories, yes there is not a single word but the art speaks for itself. The colours on each page are great it is so good that you could take some of these pages and use them as posters. The stories are easy to follow and cater to its audience; but the greatest pull factor in this issue has to be the bonus art section which features Pendelton Ward’s Bravest Warriors. These pages just add to this visual experience, proving that Hello Kitty and Friends deserves to be a Gold Comic.

Once again, a big thank you has to go to Readers Den, this weekend they will be celebrating their Free Comic Book Day on Saturday the 3rd of May; so shoot through and be sure to grab your free comic. Remember sharing is caring so it will be one comic per person! For a chance to win some extra comics click on the competition link.

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