Fox News Disses Star Wars

Star Wars
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Fox you sad loser. How much did you pay your staff to mock one of the biggest movie releases of 2015? Here Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and Carley Shimkus discussed the Star Wars: The Force Awakens and actually attempt to convince audiences that Star Wars is terrible.

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5 Comments on "Fox News Disses Star Wars"

  1. Brian

    If Star Wars was still being released by Twentieth Century Fox, you can bet that this idiotic segment wouldn’t have happened.

  2. Wayne Warren

    yeah this is typical Fox behaviour. I wonder if they know how much the entire nerd community hates them?

  3. Sick of FOX

    That’s it. I’m no longer watching Fox. They are so drama driven I’m sick of it. I can get my news from other local channels which I find myself doing a lot lately anyway.

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