With Season 5 of the massively popular battle royal game Fortnite drawing closer, strange things have been happening, including having objects from the game appearing in the real world and strange Agents handing out phone numbers.


Firstly, there was the once in a lifetime rocket launch and, more recently, the appearance of rifts in the game that seems to be sucking in objects and plopping them in the real world – as was the case with the Durr Burger sign, which was swallowed up by one of these rifts only to be discovered in the desert near Palmdale in California by photographer Sela Shiloni, who was perplexed as to what the object was (he clearly doesn’t play video games).

Asking about it on Twitter, fans of Fortnite soon informed him as to what the object actually is. Stranger still is that a man referring only to himself as Agent #3678 has been distributing cards with a phone number on them at the site. When dialled, one is greeted by only static, but this could change as Season 5 draws nearer.

Epic recently Tweeted an image featuring what appears to be a Kitsune mask. These masks originate from Japan and could further indicate that Season 5 could include time travelling as many suspects.

Why are objects from Fortnite appearing in the real world? Who is this Agent #3678? What will the mysterious number reveal? I guess only time will tell.

Season 5 of Fortnite is scheduled to kick off this Thursday.

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