Wonder Woman's Marketing Hasn't Failed, But The Flash #22's Has

So far, DC’s Rebirth has been a resounding success. The stories are a welcome return to the glory days of the past and the characters are acting like their old selves again. Now, with the forthcoming conclusion of “The Button” – the four-issue crossover event – in The Flash #22, we’re meant to be closer to unravelling the mysteries of this new era of DC. And here’s where things have gone pear shaped all of a sudden.

The Flash #22

First, Blastr published an interview with DC Entertainment President, Geoff Johns, on Sunday night, which seemingly spoils all we’ve suspected about this event all along. Yeah, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Quite frankly, it’s irresponsible of both DC and the publication to allow that piece’s release before Wednesday, when we’re all meant to respect embargoes and not spoil it for everyone else. After what Bleeding Cool did with the Superman spoilers a few weeks back, you’d think everyone would be far more careful with this type of thing.

Second, DC Comics has decided not to send out any digital copies of The Flash #22 for review, choosing to only send physical copies in an effort to avoid spoilers (kind of pointless after the Blastr piece). That’s fine – except if you’re based outside of America. This means that no international publication will get the book unless they physically purchase a copy on Wednesday morning (a little bit cheeky if you ask us). It’s a slap in the face of the international community, really, as we should all be treated equally in this respect. Also, with comic book sales being incredibly low nowadays, you’d think there would be a big international drive to get everyone talking about this book.

Wonder Woman's Marketing Hasn't Failed, But The Flash #22

There’s no point in crying over spilt milk here, however, so let’s hope that DC Comics learns from these mistakes for future events. Unfortunately, we won’t be reviewing The Flash #22, but we hope that you’ll enjoy it and it’s worth every penny.

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  1. Zakes

    The 4 part event in its entirety really did not propel the main “Button” story to depths we haven’t reached as readers, Joshua Williamson and Tom King really did an okay job with this event as a whole, would have loved for Jay Garrick to come back as it seems like they were teasing his return with Johnny Thunder having appeared in DC Rebirth #1, I wanted to see if DC were gonna bring the JSA into this continuity but alas.

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