Ster Kinekor’s First Cult Film Night screening was something of a dream come true. In all my love for movies, I’ve always wanted to be able to experience film classics on the big screen. Their first screening was no other than Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

Cinema Nouveau V&A Waterfront had set up a lounge and bar area where free alcoholic/non-alcoholic milkshakes and mini hamburgers were the order of the day – similar to the 50s-era restaurant in Pulp Fiction’s Jack Rabbit Slim. And just to raise the bar that much further, they even had a dance floor.

From the moment we stepped into the lounge and the DJ was playing Jungle Boogie, from the movie soundtrack, I already felt as if I was in the Tarantino classic. Ster-Kinekor really did set out to make the avid Pulp Fiction fan feel quite nostalgic to Tarantino’s second hit film.

Cinema Nouveau's First Cult Film Night - Pulp Fiction

The excitement started to climax when we were seated in the theatre and greeted by the host, who explained that more cult film screenings would take place in time to come. We were even asked for suggestions!

Before the movie began, we were served one last round of those delicious mini burgers. My heart started racing as the movie started screening but, unfortunately, the version of the movie screened had the motion picture and the sound out of sync. The host briefly stopped the movie and apologised for the quality of the film and another version was played.

Cinema Nouveau's First Cult Film Night - Pulp Fiction review

Despite the grave technical difficulty, the overall experience was still a dream come true. The big screen experience of Pulp Fiction was unlike any other. It felt like a new encounter, even though I have seen it a dozen times.

Hopefully, Ster-Kinekor will be able to recreate this experience with other cult films. From the milkshakes and food to the atmosphere set by music and movie nostalgia, everything was perfectly set. First Cult Film Night was a huge success.

Cinema Nouveau's First Cult Film Night - Pulp Fiction

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