Want Some Final Fantasy XV In Your Forza Horizon 3 ?

Forza Horizon 3 Is Getting A Final Fantasy XV Vehicle

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Microsoft has announced that the much loved Regalia from Final Fantasy XV is heading to Forza Horizon 3.

Want Some Final Fantasy XV In Your Forza Horizon 3 ?

Microsoft revealed that the 7.2-litre supercharged V12 Regalia will be available for players who have played the Forza Horizon 3 (on Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Windows 10 PC) and or Final Fantasy XV (on Xbox One or Xbox One S) by August 1, 2017. Forza 3 players will be able to redeem the Regalia through the in-game messaging system, while Final Fantasy XV players will receive a code which they will be able to redeem via the Xbox Live messaging system*. (*not available in all markets).

For those who might have missed Final Fantasy XV (Why?), the Regalia is the main choice of transport for the central character in the game, Prince Noctis. Not only is the Regalia one good looking car but with all that power you’ll feel like the king of the road as you speed by your opponents and into the Australian sunset.

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