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Is The World Ready For A Black Superman? Film Posters Reimagined with Black Superheroes

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Comic Book movies have a history of changing characters’ races and ethnicities in movies and TV shows. The casting of black actors like Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch in Fantastic Four and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White in Man of Steel has caused some controversy. The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not a change of race changes the character. For example, is Superman/Clark Kent still the same character if he was played by Will Smith? Or can Michael J White replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Alijah Villian has done some photoshopping and given us a good of idea of what we could expect had the casting been different.

Watchmen Comedian - Brian WhiteWatchmen Comedian - Brian White

Watchmen Comedian – Brian White

New 52 Flash

New 52 Flash

Sanaa Lathan - Black Widow

Sanaa Lathan – Black Widow

Punisher - Jamie Foxx

Punisher – Jamie Foxx

Michael Ealy Guardians of The Galaxy Star LordMichael Ealy Guardians of The Galaxy Star Lord

Michael Ealy – Guardians of The Galaxy – Star Lord

Will Smith - Superman

Will Smith – Superman


Idris Elba – James Bond

Black Judge Dredd

Black Judge Dredd

Aeon Flux Alijah Villian Rosario Dawson

Aeon Flux – Rosario Dawson

Lupita Nyongo - Storm

Lupita Nyongo – Storm

Lance Reddick - Professor X

Lance Reddick – Professor X

Michael Clarke Duncan

X-Men – Michael Clarke Duncan

Wonder Woman Angela Basset

Wonder Woman Angela Basset

Wolverine - Michael J White

Wolverine – Michael J White


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  1. dukeofnachos

    While I’m loathe to replace any of the Avengers, since they all feel as if they were grown for the roles they play, I rather like the idea of Donald Glover for Spiderman, or the other actors I don’t know for Superman and Batman. I really dislike the current Superman, and Batman who is the darkest edgiest motherfucker on this side of dark and edgy town makes me want to puke.
    But mostly I want Spiderman to enter the MCU being played by Donald Glover.

  2. Evert van Staaden

    Hey, here’s an even better idea: Why not create new, relevant black superheroes kids can look up to, instead of just appropriating the current material? We need more Black Panthers, Luke Cages and John Stewarts.

    • Jeremiah Greenawalt

      Dipshit it’s not being racist those characters weren’t created as such, create new heroes with they own backstories and histories that fit their race and ethnicity, simple as that seems like the first to call someone racist are usually racist themselves

    • Aubrey Fraetas

      This is exactly what I am talking about. How am i being a racist exactly?? They don’t need to change our beloved characters, why can’t they just create new ones. There are great black super heroes like mentioned above, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Blade. You are the one who is making stupid remarks. Go fucking play elsewhere.

    • Steve Hoffman

      because a fictional character comes with a certain colour? You’re the fucking dipshit, you racist piece of shit.

      “There are great black super heroes like mentioned above, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Blade.” That’s like saying you have black friends. Delete yourself off the internet because you’re a dumb fuck

    • Aubrey Fraetas

      Jeremiah Greenawalt Thank you, I was busy typing myself but trying to keep myself from losing my shit. He fits the typical PC stereotype shouting racist before even thinking.

    • Melissa Jordan

      So can we get a white Luke Cage, Blade or White Panther?
      It’s absurd to me to think of these characters as white, so why am I a racist if I think that making PC characters of traditionally white superheroes is ridiculous. I think the same thing every time a movie or show from my childhood (like Annie for example) needs a “black” version.
      Why should any ethnicity anywhere get sloppy seconds? Why can’t people just come up with something new and relevant for young (or old) to aspire to or admire? Personally I would find it insulting as a race if all media could come up with was a rehashed version of some white character made to match me.

    • Aubrey Fraetas

      Melissa Jordan Thank You, it speaks volumes on Steve’s character as to his one way outlook on life and the way he speaks.

    • Joshua Jason Nelson

      I vote “No” on this because its stupid… Why mess with the history and upbringing of a character? If they want to create a black Superman then why not just say he was a stowaway when Planet Krypton was destroyed? That way they still have the black Superman but he has his own story… Problem solved

  3. Romero Tutor

    No….. I’m all for a lil color in Hollywood, but just no. I was even for Johnny Storm being black bcuz it couldn’t get any worse, but Superman has BEEN set in stone and it’s a character they never really got wrong (except Dean Cain). Don’t do this.

  4. Henry Price

    Most of these characters already exist if you read comic books. Val-Zod Kalel / Calvin Ellis (Superman), (Batwing)David Zavimbe and Luke Fox. Because DC Comics doesn’t give a damn about their black comic book fans. Miles Morales Spider-Man is a successful Legacy character. And I still read Peter Parker of The Amazing Spider-Man. Even Stan Lee approves of Miles Morales so why are these white fans hating this idea. Fuck the world, because us black People can’t never be anything.

  5. Sharon van Diggelen

    And those who say no is exactly what is wrong with this world but hay… Get your petty ass out of the olden days and catch up to the one color ideas!

  6. Tom Fenn

    Yes they could do it but the really question is should they? There certainly aren’t enough mainstream superheroes of colour but that doesn’t mean changing the ethnicity of classic characters will fill that gap. We need to create more new, diverse characters that kids (or adults) can look up to and identify with.

  7. Tom Fenn

    But they should definitely put Donald Glover as Miles Morales into one of the upcoming Spider-Man movies before he gets too old!!

  8. Soban Ali

    Hell No
    And stop saying black people, to me they are just people. And forcing their faces onto iconic superheroes will not solve the underlying issues.

  9. Evert van Staaden

    So hands up who here knows who John Stewart is? Now, how about letting go of the idris elba as batman idea and have him helm a proper green lantern movie as John Stewart, who in my eyes has always been a way more interesting and complex character than Hal Jordan. It’s that or get Batman rebooted….again.

  10. Matthew Epperly

    Samuel L Jackson & Denzel Washington would be an awesome Superman>We all need to respect each other>knowbody had issues when Perry White was Africa American played by Laurence Fishbourne in both NEW Superman movie’s

  11. Mauro Vara

    fuck no. so many black characters to make a movie. why would any body want to change the color or the gender. just make a new one.

  12. Joseph Gilligan

    Is the world ready for a white black panther? A white luke cage? A white Mr. Terrific? A white Blade? Sorry, is that racist?

  13. Robbie EJ Lewis

    Why though?? Why a “black” Superman?? I would love some original black superheroes maybe with powers similar to Superman.

  14. Anni Potash

    Oh my word!! Does it make a difference if your superhero has black or white skin! Its like judging a book by its cover! Its what inside which matters!

  15. Brian Hallaran

    Is this not race approbation?

    By this are you not saying that black people are unable to come up with their own fictional character ?
    Are you saying they are not smart enough to do so ?
    Why do you feel the need to show your racism and hatred of the black people?

  16. Jacob Reynolds Mcalister

    The guy who they put up as superman, isn’t he the one who could adapt to anything in the xmen first class movie?

  17. Rob Sanderson

    Why? Why is this necessary? What point are you trying to make? Why has everything got to be some political bullshit?

  18. Jared Adam Whittemore

    Give me one reason. Just one. Just one reason why changing an established character makes more sense than writing a film for an already black character.

    Changing an established character to further your agenda is fucking idiotic. There a so many black heroes to make a movie about. How about a Static Shock movie. Or a better Green Lantern film.

    Raceswapping is lazy writing and it makes you look like a joke. If you want “representation” use one of the black heroes that already exists.

    • Henry Price

      Sam Wilson, John Stewart and Miles Morales already a successful Legacy Hero.
      Val-Zod Superman and Batwing Luke Fox still in comics.

    • Jordan Matthew

      It’s just a role, a fictional character. Anyone complaining about being true to the canon is full of shit and should just stick to reading dated material. End rant.

    • Jared Adam Whittemore

      Yeah. That’s exactly my point. The proposed heros shown in this article are just race swapped versions of established heroes. The Green Lantern poster even says Hal Jordan on it for crying out loud. If they want a black Green Lantern they should use Stewart. I’d have nothing against a black Superman, provided they call him Val-Zod and not Kal-El.

      I’m not saying don’t have black heroes. I’m saying use heroes that are already black. Use the Legacy Heroes. Or write a new character. But having a character just be “X superhero” but black is lazy writing.

  19. Jordan Matthew

    It’s just a role, a fictional character. Anyone complaining about being true to the canon is full of shit and should just stick to reading dated material. End rant.

  20. Caleb Anderson

    There are strong black heroes that could and should be represented. The color of the characters skin really doesn’t make a difference, and it shouldn’t matter.

    • Caleb Anderson

      Some characters it’s possible to change the color of the skin and it doesn’t make a difference. Other times, it doesn’t make any logical sense for the character (Wonder Woman, Black Widow, etc). The reason most people have a problem with race switching characters isn’t because people are racist, it’s because fans don’t like seeing the characters they’ve grown up with changed for political motives. Especially when it’s perfectly possible to create new characters and stories. Ultimately we’re all human and as Americans we shouldn’t let the man made concept of “race” divide us.

  21. Forrest White

    Idris Elba doesn’t even care to be involved in superhero movies. If I remember correctly he hated being Heimdal because of green screen acting. I doubt that would ever happen.

  22. Brandon Carl Keller

    Some of these heroes already have a black portrayal. Spider-Man has Miles Morales and Green Lantern has John Stewart. They could make it to the big screen.

  23. Jassi Thakur

    No shit its whack. Horrible to imagine specially in case of batman superman and wolverine. And black james bond really..?? I cant stand even the characters of wally west and iris west from flash on cw there is whole lotta difference between comics to movies. Race changing isn’t a good idea i guess. I hate that.. my opinion.

  24. Rob van der Sloot

    We’ve already had a black cat woman very recently, but skin color was not the real issue with that movie.

  25. Justin Vincer

    Or just to ROYALLY get the whole world to hate DC comics ……let’s make superman Asian and Aquaman a skinny hill Billy …..stop changing the comics ,people wanna see the comics brought to life and not flipped upside down so that no-one knows who their favorite characters are anymore

  26. Andrew Noel Marrufo

    Calvin Ellis Earth 23 Multiverse he’s actually the president of the United States. Born Kal-El son of Jor-El and mother Lara of the house of El

  27. Alexander Kent

    Nope nope nope,
    If you want diversity then make new heros with there own content.. stop changing what already is. All it does it create outrage and loss of the already existing fan base.
    Create new heros and build new fans…

    • Fernando Negron

      Marcel Bales
      Maybe so, but thise heros were created by White artists. Most imaginatiers based their Ideas off themselves.

      If Black people want Heros, they should make them.

    • Christoffer Steiner

      maybe cause they are mostly created by white people? Like saying why are they are so many asians in manga..

    • Stephanie Harris

      Or maybe most of the icon heroes were created when segregation was still a thing and that’s why there aren’t many POC in lead roles for major heroes. That said, I don’t want a black superman. I want a superman who can camouflage his alienness. I want him to be a legit alien, not another declaration of human superiority in the universe. He’s a freaking alien, let’s see some imagination!

    • Fernando Negron

      Stephanie Harris
      You have a good point, but it doesn’t stand as tall when there are Super Heros like the X-Men representing Gays, or Luke Cage representing Blacks.

      These were during times of segregation to rebel against it. They were Original.

    • Marcel Bales

      Fernando I guess your kinda right about that but then they start to draw them with white faces 🤔 looking Caucasian

    • Ritchie Burdette

      Actually I think there have been black artists who creates black heroes but they went largely unnoticed in white dominated society. I think the time is coming when whites are the minorities in America and then the tables will turn. What we are witnessing with the contemporary outcry against whitewashing is the table already beginning to turn. It’s the evolution of society.

    • Marcel Bales

      What is more appealing to the human psyche? The white rabbit or the black rabbit? Which one gets taken home from the pet store first?

  28. Antony Loco Jones

    Not sure black people aren’t that bothered but wouldn’t you then get the hardcore coming out twitch shit like “now black people are being portrayed as aliens!” Lol

  29. Hubert Szewczyk

    I saw butthurt when the ironfist was changed from white to white XD and when they want to change superman from white to black its ok. Thats Hipocrisy

  30. Peter T Pidrak

    Static, Icon, black panther, John GL Stewart, falcon, I would eat up all those movies. Why is there a need to change an already existing character?

    • Peter T Pidrak

      Nobody has a problem with multi-verses. Nobody has a problem with someone taking up the mantle of the flash, Iron Man, Superman. Nobody cares.

      Clark Kent aka Kal el of krypton is a particular character mucking about with that character, as in behold all these standard superheroes reimagined as black, annoys people.

    • Peter T Pidrak

      For example. Green Lantern becoming black, Big whoop, it’s a different character using the name.

      I don’t care if the flash winds up being a bisexual half Asian half Latina female as long as that is someone who is picking up Barry Allen’s mantle and is therefore a different character.

      That is a distinctly different thing from hey we just rewrote this character to change these fundamental things about it.

      This is annoying on two different fonts. The first front is that it says hey we don’t think people will buy into or like a female, minority, LGBT character unless we tack its popularity onto a pre-existing character. It’s lazy. It suggests that you can’t write a good character with those traits.

      The other is that it does fundamentally alter a pre-existing, often beloved character.

      Now the ironic part is that the same people who insist that it doesn’t matter, race isn’t an important part of the character so it’s OK that we change it are the same people insisting that it’s very important that we change the racial identity of the character.

    • Trevor Teague

      Green Lantern didn’t “become black” they created John Stewart. An excellent character who is also a part of the Green Lantern corps.
      Shortage of Black superheroes? Then create more black superheroes. Don’t take a character with 50+ years of comics and say their skin color needs to be changed in order to appease the masses.

    • Peter T Pidrak

      OK. The Green Lantern representing the system was black. Hal Jordan didn’t change. That was part of the point of my post.

      That would be why the next sentence was “a different character using the same name.”

    • David Daniels

      I agree that new characters should just be created. Just rehashing the same old characters with different colors and ethnic backgrounds is creative laziness. I love these characters and grew up with them but Batman will eventually get stale regardless of if he is white, black, asian, homo, or sasquatch.

  31. Ziggy Nixon

    I see no reason for ‘reimagining’ everything. The black community is – tada – part of the human community. So why do we have to ‘reinvent’ to include? Just make good comics / movies, etc. and we’ll all be fine.

  32. Steve Pierce

    In film we’ve already had the black superman and I remember something of one when superman got killed off in the comics about 25 years ago by doomsday . 4 or 5 supermen popped up to fill his space . Sure there are others who remember this happening

    • Jesús A Carrillo Jr.

      That….was not a SUPERMAN…a lame excuse for John Henry Irons which in the comics became Steel. A human man that devoted his life to making difference. He never said he was Superman. Just wore the shield in respect for the man who saved his life. But that movie….was a “thumb tack cover glove” being worn by Stephen Hawkins and giving free hand jobs to comic book fans. Lame. 😂

    • Jesús A Carrillo Jr.

      And yes…I remember. ..I own every issue. Been a comic fan since I was 7. lol. But that movie….is and was a Crap shoot.

    • Steve Pierce

      Glad that you remember it clearer than I do ! brilliant reply and amusing too with the weird hand job stuff at the end 😂

    • Jesús A Carrillo Jr.

      Lol… I hated that movie. It was garbage. Shaq was big then and couldn’t act out of a wet paper bag. Smh. This and that craptastic Catwoman movie is garbage. Not because of the actors color…but because the writing and effects was shit.

    • Steve Pierce

      Oh they are both gigantic bags of shit as films ! I don’t think they actually understand that we aren’t bothered about the actors colour we just want the films to stay true to the original material . Hell I’d be happy for more variety in super and anti heroes as long as it’s not shit 😊

  33. Jason Stewart Wotring

    Sure why not? They changes him up big time in the comic books why not something new? Come on people why reboot the same shit over and over ? Why not broaden your narrow pragmatic minds just a little bit for something new?

  34. Chris Ogle

    The anti-white racism is already too deep in Hollywood. Liberal Hollywood has an anti-white, anti-heterosexual, anti-male, anti-conservative, and anti-Christian agenda. Liberals want to remove all white, heterosexual men from leading roles, except villains of course. Hollywood also promotes interracial and/or homosexual relationships as far more common than single race heterosexual relationships.

    • George Rogers

      Probably a Trump supporter from Alabama or some shit who lives in a trailer and doesn’t go to the movies. If he did, he’d realize that there is nothing anti-white about Hollywood. Stupid redneck

    • Christopher Bishop

      Can you give an example of these movies? Because I haven’t seen anything of that magnitude to come to that wild conclusion. Sounds like people are easily fooled by clickbait articles and get stirred up into thinking it’s real, lol.

    • Nicholas Edward Toth

      For every gay “couple” in a movie, there are a thousand “straight’ ones… what the hell are you talking about?

    • Jack Cooper

      I like how the first couple of answers to your comment are just insults. That’s how the majority of the left operate though. Say something they don’t like, and they just call you names and make autistic screeching sounds.

    • Christopher Oliver

      Eat a dick George Rogers. You’re probably from Oregon in your moms basement sucking off dudes while watching the Cosby show…

    • Alejandro Diaz

      So tolerance is anti-white? And most movies the lead is white, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is the type of character the writer intended on how his or her character should be and more adequate for the story.

    • James Hovey

      Shit, why not? If Hollywood, in all their infinite wisdom is going to pull the “you better be diverse and inclusive” card with remaking everything in that image, I fully expect to see a Roots remake staring Matthew McConaughey as Kunta, and Paul Reubens as Toby (because who doesn’t want to see Pee-Wee get his ass beat)

      Get the fuck on it Hollywood, or you’re nothing but a bunch of racists!

    • William Krishnamurti Blackstone

      Actually, I disagree with this sentiment, but I respect your right to that opinion. Hollywood goes with what sells, and it’s disgusting, example, white washing the Dr.Strange Ancient One because they didn’t want to alienate a Chinese audience. The only ones who are blatantly trying to force an extreme left agenda, would be, as a mainstream example , Paul Feig, director and producer for 2016’s Ghostbusters.

    • Chris Ogle

      So many liberal trolls and so few real people….. It’s funny when the most offended and insulting responses come from “people” with a Facebook page consisting of a handful of pics with no substance. Hahaha!

    • Paul Graham

      If you say so. No matter what facts we have to contradict you, you’ll plug your ears and sing “la la la” (probably loudly and off key). I love straight white guys who play victim or cry about being a minority- what’s wrong with that… unless you treat minorities differently.

    • Mackenzie Morgan

      Anti-white?? Like casting Tilda as an Asian sorceress into a movie based in nepal with no nepalese or Indian people even in the background in Dr strange or casting scarlet johansson as an Asian cyborg…surrrrrrreee bruhhh

    • Christopher Bishop

      So, that’s a “no” on providing examples of this liberal agenda against us straight white men? I mean, should be pretty easy if you’re so sure of it.

    • Landon Elliott

      But yet Hollywood just casted a white women to play the role of a Japanese woman in Ghost in the Shell. And liberal Hollywood barely recognizes black actors.

    • William Krishnamurti Blackstone

      Landon Elliott Love the last name, good solid name, and actually, anime characters although created in an Asian country, doesn’t necessarily depict an Asian character. Also this – then again, they may have been prompted, it seems Japanese people are atleast alright with it.

    • Chris Ogle

      First) I have a life outside of Facebook. Second) Paul, you have described liberal behavior. I have never “played victim” nor claimed to be a minority. I treat all people fairly regardless of race, gender, social status, etc. Your assumptions show your bias. Third) Mackenzie, casting established white characters with black actors; Nick Fury, Heimdall, Human Torch, Kingpin, Perry White, Electro, Deadshot, etc. . There are many well established minority characters that should have their own shows, instead of ruining another character for PC purposes. Fourth) Christopher, the bias I refer to is evidenced in general advertising and storylines by replacing heterosexual white males with lesbian and/or minority partners and portraying more gay white males than statistically present in reality. Fifth) Jaron, your response demonstrates your racist outlook perfectly. Many of the most extreme racists in America are black with a huge anti-white agenda. Sixth) Nicholas, I stated my opinion and couldn’t care less about yours, but I do agree that we are all entitled to have an opinion. Have a wonderful evening!

  35. Neal Bromfield

    Was the world ready for a black president: yes. Did electing a black president solve racism: no. Did race relations in the US become worse over the duration of that presidency? Do we need a black superman?

  36. Daniel Hansson

    Well, as for superman, green lantern, spider-man and the flash, they have already been black in the comicbooks.
    But some of them would just not work because of context and how society is, or even their stories play out.

    • Tien Pham

      I don’t know about “not working” because when comic books are essentially about suspension of disbelief. I think it is rare that context would require a superhero to be of a certain race.

      Very few of the comics I read dealt with race as an issue unless it was a “special” comic. Maybe societal issues, but a black/Asian hero never mattered and that was nice.

  37. Mike Hidalgo

    ¿Como para qué? Sería estúpido. En los cómics sabemos que existe un Superman negro, pero no es tan conocido como el Superman “normal”. Además, si fuera por cumplir con la diversidad (étnica, sexual, etc…), recuerden que es un alien, literalmente, por lo que de seguro en EEUU ya deben circular historias en las que trump busque deportarlo.

  38. Scott Anglin

    while i did click on the link,congrats by the way, this is the same reason i wont watch the beauty and the beast movie because hollywood is changing the story to promote their politics or in my native blue collar tongue forcing it down everyones throat. not to mention if this guy would sit and think CAP cant be black due to the sad but true facts that black men where only cooks in the army at that time in history unless they are going to change the whole story line there too.

    • Miguel Ángel Covarrubias

      Wwwwwwait… Disney was changing the stories to allow them a wider audience long before you and I were born. That’s pushing an agenda. With LeFou, if that’s what you mean, well, they didn’t so much change the character… They just made clear something they thought was there all along, making it visible. Now let’s pretend they totally re-made Aladdin and placed the story in China, all to not depict the characters as muslims from Arabia. That’s also changing their* story, drastically, and pushing an agenda. Would you not take your family, or go see it by yourself because of it? (There are versions of Aladdin where he is actually from China)

    • Mark Lutze

      Eh. That whole scene was less than a second and had they not made a big deal about it before the premiere NOBODY would’ve added any sexual context to the character or scene. It’s was absolutely nothing either way.

    • Damien Costanza

      Miguel Ángel Covarrubias the only thing clear is that LeFou wants to be wanted and admired like Gaston. Those triplets were fauning over how attractive he is while not even giving LeFou a passing glance, the men admired his strength and hunting abilities. The moral of most Disney films but more so in Beauty and the Beast is “Beautiful people wind up with other beautiful people and live happily ever after… less beautiful people wind up alone.” Put another way “Be attractive, don’t be unattractive.”

      This is also seen in movies like “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. The priest wants Esmerelda and if he can’t have her no one will because she’ll be burnt at the stake. So Quasimodo saves her ass and she says thanks then rides off with the more attractive soldier. Quasimodo: Ringer othe bells and Crowned Prince of the FriendZone.

  39. Roy Fernbach

    While we are at it, lets make a male Wonder Woman… and a autistic Batman… and a paraplegic Flash. I am all about giving anyone of the human race, regardless of the color of their skin, an iconic roll in our stories/legends/comics/etc… but changing Superman just for the sake of it is silly. We have a ton of “black” characters in the comics already, how about develop them first and foremost… have things make sense before going back and making parallel worlds with different origins etc. We already have like 3 Superman movies all showing his origins, 3-4 Batman movies showing his, about to have a 4th Spiderman origin movie (remember there is a black version of spiderman in the comics that didn’t go over well with comic people)… lets make some comic movies with lesser known stories with different characters. How about a Storm (black female) movie, or Black Panther, or Falcon, or the black version of Green Lantern, etc.

    • Charles McLaughlin

      Actually… Until recently, Aspergers was considered on the Autistic spectrum (and still should be) and Batman exhibits many of these traits… As does Tony Stark.

    • Nicole Tirrell

      Actually, Aspergers wasn’t removed from the spectrum, it was consolidated into it. Those who previously had an Aspie diagnosis are simply considered “high functioning autistic” now. And this is only in countries using the DSM-V diagnostic criteria. Countries other than the US still consider Aspergers a separate but related diagnosis.

  40. Johnson Bissell

    Wasn’t that basically Hancock, he had all the same powers basically except for instead of being weakened by kryponite, he was weakened whenever he got close to that white lady

  41. Bud Van Arb

    Well then, I counter your question with a question of my own: is the world ready for a white man to portray Kunta Kinte?

    • Bud Van Arb

      You, sir, are an idiot then. It’s a perfect analogy. What would be so wrong with changing the race of this fictional character? Perhaps change his back story just enough that his African father was forced to breed with an Irish woman slave? So now Kunta is a very fair skinned black fellow with reddish hair and freckles?

    • Jesús A Carrillo Jr.

      Yup… That….was not a SUPERMAN…a lame excuse for John Henry Irons which in the comics became Steel. A human man that devoted his life to making difference. He never said he was Superman. Just wore the shield in respect for the man who saved his life. But that movie….was a “thumb tack cover glove” being worn by Stephen Hawkins and giving free hand jobs to comic book fans. Lame. 😂

  42. Michael Maupin

    I’m personally waiting for LGBTQ man…which is going to be one flamboyant costume(and they will have to fit all those letters on the chest)

  43. Jesús A Carrillo Jr.

    Apparently lot of you do not read comics. Val Zod is the Superman on Earth 2 comic line and was pretty cool. It doesn’t say…we are gonna change Clark Kent black….Val Zod was a totally different person…just given the name. Smh…in comic books anything is possible. Too many of this world humans are totally closed minded fucking people. Does it truly matter if Superman was a squirrel??? Stupid.

    • Christopher E Brown

      I think the bigger point is that a black superhero should be that: a black superhero, not a white superhero made black for the sake of “diversity.” The changing of these superheroes isn’t actual diversity, it’s cashing in on the idea of diversity. I would personally be slightly offended by something like this if I were in those shoes. “Why can’t I have something original that’s like me? Why do I just get a repaint of an existing character?” There’s nothing wrong with a character being any color or gender, if they’re a well written character. This, to me, just sounds like, “Here, have an alternate Superman (but not the real classic, of course), now shut up about equality.” Create new characters, build them up with amazing stories, and it won’t matter what they look like under their costume. It would be REAL diversity, not just the illusion of it.

    • Jesús A Carrillo Jr.

      True…but my comment was towards the people commenting negative and don’t know anything about the comics and just read… what if we change Superman black. Yes…I agree…don’t change a character to please the masses…just make a new one that has his own story. Which…the story they have now with superman not being the only Kryptonian. could happen.

  44. Stefanie Marie

    Must be taboo to develop something new in Hollywood, got to keep recycling old movies and put a “new spin” on it. You want diversity in superheroes? Make movies about the comics that introduced diversity into comics. Black Panther, Storm, Steel, Vixen, Bishop, Misty Knight, Black Lightning, Cyborg, Spawn, and the list just gets bigger. These characters are just being pushed to the side because racists think the only way to have a successful black superhero movie is by changing the pigment of someone’s skin in an already done movie.

    • Stefanie Marie

      I remember this actually lol. It can be rebooted and done correctly of they feel so inclined, but the point mainly being there are plenty of superheroes for the diversity spin that Hollywood wants. Instead of rehighlighting Batman, Superman, and the other comic characters that are popular, they can start making obscure comic movies and highlight other parts of the comic industry to make them more popular.

    • Stefanie Marie

      Yeah I know, I’m saying that’s pointless. Taking away from others doesn’t give anything better. Start from scratch with one of the above and watch it go.

  45. Brian Skutle

    No. The world wasn’t ready for a black Human Torch or stormtrooper, why the Hell would it be ready for a black Superman?

  46. Mike Hildegard Cassella

    Don’t change it just to seem fair, put the work in and earn the fan base. Just changing the skin color of an already established hero just seems lazy. Don’t ride in the laurels of others.

  47. Matt Mortensen

    No, fuck off. Yes I understand racism is real. That does not mean you need to make everything over again with a minority star. There is and has been a Superman for a long time. Guess what? He’s white. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. What next, a transgender Batman? A Muslim Captain America? Enough with this pc bullshit. You want to make a new black superhero? That’s fine, I’ll be behind it 100%, But make a NEW hero.

  48. Paul Edge

    Storm is already black, one of the younger Flash speedsters is already black, after Steve Rodgers dies in the comics Falcon (black guy) becomes the new Captain America, and Miles Moralis is a Black/Hispanic/ Spider-Man, why not just use the ethnic characters you already have?

  49. Chris Marshall

    I honestly dont care what skin color a comic hero is. I do have a few issues…1 is the terrible photoshop work, 2 is dont just throw anyone on the character they need to fit the character overall, 3 why recreate storm when Halle Berry already did play her, 4 Thor cannot be changed because it is based off of a very real very specific religious mythology.

    • Chris Marshall

      You are correct and that goes back to my statement that as long as the actor is good and potrays the character properly, I have no problem. I just dont want to see Tyler Perry Presents The Justice League or Avengers. Terrible acting is just that, bad acting.

    • Chris Ogle

      There have been reports of a black Valkyrie in the next Thor movie. The Norse gods were not multicultural or multiracial. They were the gods of the vikings. Would people be as comfortable with a Zulu deity being Asian or Scandinavian?
      There are many talented actors of all races, but long established characters with an existing fan base should remain true to their origins. There are many excellent established minority characters that should be given a chance to shine. Blade was well done. Steel could be much better. War Machine, Falcon, Black Panther, and Storm paid their dues over decades of comics because they were great characters not dependent on race alone.

    • Zacchaeus Maliq Wilson

      I still want idris to play a more prominent role other than the doorman to asgaard. If he did Batman or Green Lantern I’d love it. Idk why he’s not James Bond yet.

  50. Christopher E Brown

    I think the bigger point is that a black superhero should be that: a black superhero, not a white superhero made black for the sake of “diversity.” The changing of these superheroes isn’t actual diversity, it’s cashing in on the idea of diversity. I would personally be slightly offended by something like this if I were in those shoes. “Why can’t I have something original that’s like me? Why do I just get a repaint of an existing character?” There’s nothing wrong with a character being any color or gender, if they’re a well written character. This, to me, just sounds like, “Here, have an alternate Superman (but not the real classic, of course), now shut up about equality.” Create new characters, build them up with amazing stories, and it won’t matter what they look like under their costume. It would be REAL diversity, not just the illusion of it. There are existing superheroes that are not white males, as well, so promote them! Make big blockbuster movies about them (with good writers and directors) so that they can have their time in the limelight, and not just that hand me down limelight from another popular character’s success!

  51. Charlie Ogwo

    Some of you guys are getting your panties in a bunch for no reason. Writing comments that are more like novels than comments. It’s just a reimagining of the characters.. It’s not like it’s going to happen. But, let me ask you one question: Are you cool with Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine? If so, there’s a bit of a problem there. You see, Wolverine is under six feet, Hugh Jackman, over six feet. But, yeah, let’s keep bitching about reimagined black Superman. SMH!

  52. Unai Durana

    As far as I know there’s at least one DC universe which its superman is a black dude.

    What IDK is if he’s a Kal-El variant or another different kryptonian

  53. Marco Antonio Lea Plaza Soruco

    Superman is the last kryptonian who just happens to be white, there are other black superheroes. Like cyborg, that green lantern, there’s material. Respect the original superheroes, create new ones. Fuck 2016’s sandy bullshit about diversity thay already exist. The people who desperatle wants a black superman dont know a thing about comics, just as bioware fucked themselves up listening to angry feminist complaining about gaming, what was the result of it? Mass Effect Andromefa and it’s ugly characters. You want a black super hero? I say reboot spawn

    • Marco Antonio Lea Plaza Soruco

      There you go, Clark Kent is white tho what’s the point on taking him away of the DC cinematic universe if he is the original superman

  54. Temple of Nerdom

    Yall mfers came ready to get on it today! I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect so many intelligent responses. Bravo! Bradmin

  55. Stefan Reichelt

    Krypton is often described as a cold planet under a red sun, so I guess their natural skin color would be totally different to what we know on Earth. Maybe greenish? Maybe red?
    Their eyes could have a much different design as well, probably a bit bigger, and with the ability to see the infrared spectrum. Would be interesting to know the opinion of a biologist.

    • Stefan Reichelt

      I know, but it would be interesting which effects a red sun would have on creatures living under it, fictional or not. For example, plants would maybe not have green particles in their leaves to gain energy.

  56. Shaun Inquisitior Wall

    Pfft. After Ghostbusters I don’t really care who or what gets a role. Just do it proud. Ghostbusters did not do it proud. The game is the 3rd sequel IDGAF.

  57. Lu Doh

    I thought the world has already adopted Miles Morales as Spider-man, Jon Stewart as Green Lantern, Sam Wilson as Captain America…etc..You don’t need to “blackwash” existing characters as Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne, just make new ones who can take over the legends. Or make new heroes, new stories…

  58. Gabriel A. Mora

    Probably not a character typically portrayed as white but there are plenty of black heroes out there that are ripe for the big screen.

  59. Jean Herrera

    No we are not go away…. if you want a bad ass black super hero I direct you to Hohn Stewart best of the latern corp

  60. Darragh Ó Conchobhair

    Okay, so Ghost in Shell has a non Asian as the lead and everyone shits the bed. But then pushes this? What is the point?

    • Darragh Ó Conchobhair

      Seems to be the case. Like I enjoyed black superman in Muliversity but I find this super hypocritical from “Geek” sites right after they threw a fit over Ghost in a Shell.

  61. Peter J McLaughlin

    the only problem I see, is original lore conflict.

    Otherwise, personally I’m all for flexing it up. Why not? We don’t have anything to lose but to expand the creativity. We are all human, just different shapes, sizes, and colour variants. Blood types are also different but that essentially is it.

    I say bring on the variety, expand the creative universe, and enjoy.

  62. Joaquin Amado Olivi

    Ffs why they have to change characters too? You want a black hero? Go for Cyborg. He seems to be really fucking badass. Why do they change heros instead of making new?

    Dont get me wrong though, I loved the “Mexican Superman” from Gods and Monsters, but that one was not like that because “muh diversity”, it was an actual interesting change that DID make the character much better. (No its not because of my fucking name that Im saying that).

    But okay, just make another alternative dimention with a black superman instead, fuck it. Muh diversity seems to be the only requirement for anything today.

  63. Colson Drey Knuckey

    So this guys name is steel he has powers just like superman’s but a little different as usual he was set to replace superman after “the death of superman” i don’t know the full story but just pointing out their is a black “superman” and if you want a movie make it about him

  64. Alex Lorentzen-Cheeseman

    Kal-El is a fucking alien who cares. If anything bring back the black man of steel from the 90s he was smarter than supes anyway

  65. Randy Hernandez

    My son doesn’t have a white Superman so I say make the movie can’t be any worse then the the movie we have now..

  66. Travis Wigal

    They can’t come up with anymore original ideas so they are resorting to the race card in Hollyweird. Pandering to the racist intolerant left.

  67. John Scott

    I find this trend strange though I admit I’m a purist comic fan. With the number of non-Caucasian superheroes out there, why use the comic name if the movie is not gonna be the comic?
    Black Superman
    Female Thor
    Black Johnny Storm (and his sister is now adopted? WTF?)
    What’s next? an Asian as Dr Strange?
    A middle eastern woman as Spider Man?
    Latino Gwen/Stacy to date her?
    A white Black Panther?
    Magneto is no longer Polish, he’s Korean?
    Xavier is now a green-skinned trans-male from another planet?

    Let’s make it even wilder and add “gay”, “handicapped”, epileptic, Downs syndrome and toss teh comics in the garbage all we really want is the name anyways, that’s waht we figure will sell tickets

  68. Alejandro Diaz

    Unless among the Kryptnians, like in the human race exist people of different color pigmentation, why not? Any kryptonian exposed to the yellow sun of our planetary system becomes like superman really, Kal-el is not the only surviving kryptonian in the universe.

  69. Jordan Chubbs Ciarlante

    How could someone honestly be upset about this? Like look in the mirror people. We are all human. Skin tone should have zero to do with story line and character development. I hope they cast the best actor. Any skin tone is fine with me.

  70. Andrew J Seale

    Uh yeah, you got a few to choose from. One was named Icon, the other was named Steel. Promote them, give them movies (or in Steel’s case a remake), try to push their comics, but Clark Kent is a Caucasian kid from Kansas. That’s just who he is.

  71. Will Preston

    No. Everyone knows it’s ok to whitewash minority characters, but it’s not ok to colorwash white characters. There’s just not enough white characters to go around. White actors have such a tough time finding roles as it is. We don’t need more minorities stealing jobs from whites.

  72. Ricardo Torres

    Is the world ready for a Muslim Superman? Japanese? Chinese? Gay? Come on, what else can we change in order to please every single ethnic group, race, sex or whatever… No one can make happy every single human group when you create something, specially if you create an art piece. When an artist make a painting, song, movie and so on, is an expression of his/her own creative spirit, is not a thing to make everyone happy, which also is impossible… Not everyone likes the “Mona Lisa”, and it is ok… And that is the grace.

  73. Skyler Gulley

    Icon the black superhero from Milestone comics is kind of like Superman. They are both aliens that crash landed on earth, they have almost similar powers. But I think the reason no one talks about him is because 1. Not a lot of people know him and 2. He as a Republican

  74. Barbara Hoyt

    Because it’s just not who he is. It’s like making Superwoman instead. Why black? Why not Asian?
    The new Fantastic 4 sucked btw. Mainly because the new characters had no chemistry. It was like a boring drama.

  75. Pepijn Janssen

    Ok let’s replace white with black…oh wait …hold on why is Black the chosen one to take over and not Asian or Hispanic or Innuit or Arab? You know what? Wouldn’t it just be better that everyone comes up with an original super hero that represents them the best? Oh wait don’t we have those already? Maybe those aren’t the most populare ones but that has more to do with demographics than white washing.

  76. Marcus Hazlewood

    I’m not really sure how, with superman being from a separate world with alien physiology, it would make any difference at all.

  77. Dale Baket

    What’s wrong with you people…. stop emulating everyone else and stop trying to be “appointed” to this that ANYTHING….. do it YOURSELVES for once…. damn!!!!!

  78. Davan Dutra-Smith

    You could just market some of the awesome superheroes who are already black like cyborg and lightning and static and john Stewart green lantern but I mean whatever

  79. Ray Lane

    Quit trying to make this crap happen Hollywood. Fans like how the comic books were written….y’all wanna see a White Panther movie? Cuz this is how you get a white panther movie…..NO

  80. Sean Blackmon

    Why? Superman has always been a white dude why the fuck change it now? I could give two shits about race but seriously now?

  81. Tamara Scrivner - Kerr

    Some of the coolest super heroes are black…. why the hell would we need to continue changing white super heroes into black ones? It’s an insult to the fans, to the creators, to the heroes themselves even.
    I’ve got a question for you Hollywood, where are all the movies about black super heroes? Hu? Where are those?

  82. Bruno B Fubar

    I dont care of they make him Inuit… just STOP CHANGING PREEXISTING CHARACTERS.

    invent new ones people can enjoy! what happened to originality? all we get now are rehashes, reboots and mods. :(

  83. Jeffery Gilbert

    Superman is an alien. The pigmentation of his skin honestly doesn’t matter to his character. Take a character like Steve Rogers (Captain America), however, and changing his complexion/ethnicity changes/negates his entire story. We all like to see our childhood comic book heroes as we remember them, but you have to look at the character and ask yourself how much race plays a part in who they are. If the answer is “not much” or “not at all”, then it’s possible to recast the role and still be spot-on with the essence of the character. Would a black or latino Batman work? Only if the majority of society can believe a non-white family could be as rich and influential as the Waynes. Maybe we aren’t quite there yet, as a whole.

    • Jeffery Gilbert

      What I said above does not mean I don’t cringe every time I hear Hollywood (or even the comic industry) is “rebooting” a character for the sole purpose of #diversity . But in the end, Michael B Jordan’s portrayal of Johnny Storm wasn’t even an issue, considering the rest of the 2015 FF movie was an absolute train wreck. I do like the way Marvel had Sam Wilson step into the Cap role – it makes sense to bring a “sidekick” up to primary hero status at some point, no matter the race. My question for Marvel Studios, though, is: After Infinity War, when the current actors are pretty much done their contracts and moving on to other projects, are we going to see the “diversity for diversity’s sake” characters like Riri Williams and Miles Morales taking the reins from the current characters? While I am unfamiliar with Riri, and I’m not comfortable with diversity for diversity’s sake, it does make some sense to have RDJ’s Tony Stark pass the torch to a younger character that can fulfill another 3 or 4 phases of movie story arcs. It would bring in new characters and new story potential while maintaining continuity. I’m sure Bucky takes the shield as Cap at some point during or at the end of Inifinity War, but I think Anothny Mackie could pull it off at some point, too, as Falcon-turned-Cap. I’m fine with diversity, as long as the story-telling feels natural and not forced.

  84. Paul Graham

    As long as its done well and doesn’t feel forced. Many times when they try diversity in comics it comes off awkward. Many times it fees like they’re doing it and have no idea what they’re doing or how to make it flow well.

    I do tire of black heroes always being from the “hood”. That’s old. Not every black person comes from the rough poor part of town.

  85. Austen Kent Taylor

    Stop trying to change a character’s race do fit someone’s agenda! We have a superman, he’s white. Hollywood is changing everything about movies just to say they’re inclusive. They added a homosexual to Beauty and the Beast, which is an effing kids movie, they had a power ranger be gay and another one autistic.. They need to stop bringing this into movies just so someone’s feelings aren’t hurt..

  86. Nathan Spencer

    as long as said Superman would be Val-Zod and he’s distinguishable from Kal-El then i wouldn’t mind as Val-Zod is black then there wouldn’t be a problem with it…..the problem recently with superhero movies is that the ethnicity of characters are being changed,changing a characters ethnicity can result in changing everything about them then they wouldn’t be the character that people know and love

  87. Walker Morgan

    Black superman: ZERO problem, because Duh – he’s from another planet…. who cares what color he is. Green lantern: Hello, Jon Stewart. Only Thor didn’t make sense to me because he’s a Norse god, just as White people playing Egyptian gods makes no sense (I’m looking at you Hollywood!) But I think what were ALL missing here is the absolute most important thing proposed here – Rosario Dawson as Aeon Flux!!!!!! OMFG!!! YES, YES, A gazillion times YES!!!!!!

  88. Mark Lutze

    Black, white….I don’t care. I’m ready to see a fat guy in that role. How about Gabriel Iglesias? We can knock out fat and Hispanic in one film.

  89. Dallas R Smoot

    “Hey we are out of ideas. So let’s change the race of already established characters and pretend they are different characters, and if anyone criticizes us for having no new ideas, we can just claim racist! Sweet!”

  90. Burnie Jarvis

    I have said this before I don’t like when you fuck with a comics lore and back story. Respect the source material. That being said. If you want a black superman just have a character made. That works.

  91. Merry Raine

    II’m good with anything – in fact if anything we need some Asian folks in there too because they’re SEVERELY under-represented in Hollywood. But the biggest thing is – is the movie good? Good tight screenwriting? Great plot? PLEASE? :) That would be sort of audacious now ;)

  92. Will Connor

    Hey, as long as they don’t use it to fan the flames of racism, and make it good( looking at you, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman), I’m all for it. ;)

  93. Ronald Elduderino Prendergast

    How about, we stop changing race, gender, orientation, and start making movies for those already existing characters and then create more new ones for them. And here’s another point. let’s stop making these changes focal points just to make money. How about we just let it happen and act like gay people, minorities, and interracial relationships are apart of normal, everyday life.

  94. Ryan Derenbecker

    Depends on who you cast. I’d obviously rather not see Kat Williams as Superman, but I could get behind Idris Elba, Michael B Jordan, someone like that.

    Of course, I’m not sure why this is even a discussion, they’re not gonna recast Superman in the next ten years lol

  95. Micah Fitch

    The issue isn’t that he may be black it’s the issue why we have to make him black because of a “higher moral” or to pander to a specific demographic. Super man wasn’t white because it was only meant for white people he’s white because of who imagined him.
    Just because something gets to such success does not mean it now has to be changed for others.

    And 90% of the time they do this is for one thing and one thing only $$$

  96. Vincent Obi

    There already is a black superman in the comics, obviously somebody doesn’t read or knows that Warner Bros approached Will Smith to play Superman for their 2006 reboot before the other guy and he turned it down.

    Black ppl, just stop.

  97. Dustin Cook

    Isn’t it a bit patronizing to just make a black superman? It seems like it would be a smack in the face. Like “here you go, minorities, we’re throwing you a bone.” Why not make movies about awesome minority super heroes? Even make some new original ones?

  98. Keith Jensen

    Why? Why is race getting so much attention in this genre? Who the fuck cares. I’m sick of the whole race thing. I go to fiction, sci-fi, comic books/movies to get away from this stupid ass shit. STFU.

  99. Nakia Jones

    The fact the superheroes aren’t real should be more than enough to make them any race or nationality. This is stupid. Just make a good movie, that’s all

  100. Cole Jackson

    This article exists for no other reason than to create arguments. After all the bitching that happens every time a white person plays somebody who has always been portrayed as black or another race, you really need to ask if it’s ok for blacks to play characters who have always been white?! If you don’t want white people playing as colored people then don’t do the reverse, hypocrite!

  101. Danielle Letina

    But seriously, I think if you’re a great actor, not a good black actor or good white actor, no one really cares. I mean Idris Elba is playing Roland in the Dark Tower movie. And he’s a white character in the book. But who cares? Idris Elba is an amazing actor and will do the role justice (I think so, anyway).

  102. Carlo Airateles

    A black Superman? I’m sure the majority of white comic book nerds would hate that. They can’t even stand the thought of an Asian iron fist.

  103. Kolin Lolless

    Make the black panther or the falcon white men and see the reaction. Or maybe the Jeffersons and watch the outrage. I mean the Honeymooners became black and no outrage.

  104. Daniel Martinez-Vellon

    The world couldn’t even handle a rumor about Idris Elba being the next James Bond. Which I still feel would be a perfect fit.

  105. Odona M. Odie Bakalar-Grant

    Maybe not on Thor, due to its Viking origins its based on,just feels odd to me, but all the rest, ABSOLUTELY!

  106. Hemfärd Winterroth

    Only if Martin Luther Kang, is played by this guy

    …and ghandi is played by a white slob, obese Michael Moore type, with a trucker cap that reads: ‘No Fat chicks’

  107. Jake Tinsley

    I see y’all fighting in the comments about changing white Superman when I remember crisis on infinite earths, an alternate universe with a black Superman, that’s what I’ll accept.

    Not changing an already perfect character to fit some damn agenda for some SJW and their bullshit

    • Chris Clark

      Pretty soon they will want a flamboyant transgender that is any other color but white, to play joker or some dumb shit like that. Racism is the least of my concerns, liberalism has caused me to hate a majority of all people. Or a least the ones that think like this.

  108. Tarzan

    Its funny how people think the solution would be “to create our own black heroes and backstories”! How many times has a batman, spiderman, and superman movie been rebooted?

    Now of the black superhero movies that have been made, how many have had a chance to be rebooted? Spawn wasnt that great( financially and critically) and a reboot has been in development hell for years. Even though Todd McFarlane has been working in the reboot, it seems like it’ll be a long while before it even gets into pre-production. The first Blade was great, but the sequels didnt do well and no one has tried again. Its hard not to fantasize about white comic heroes being black. The black superheroes arent getting a chance oncreen.

    Yes Black Panther is getting a film and it’ll be good. Luke Cage was great as well. However, how about Green Lantern John Stewart, Blue Marvel, Icon, Miles Morales, getting a chance to be in a film or tv series? Most likely they won’t, cause studios won’t take that chance on it, thinking that the audience wont watch it.

  109. Bruce Casey

    Does the person’s skin colour really matter? Seriously, Male, Female, Caucasion, Black, Middle Eastern, Latino, Asian, we are all people and these are all fictional characters. What I care about is if the person can act, not if the person is a specific colour.

  110. Steve

    Will smith was already asked for being superman i think it was man of steel he said, “I don’t see superman other then a white man” or something to that effect. He did Hancock instead.

  111. Kale

    Just make new and exciting characters. It would even help to add variety since the remakes are getting tiresome. HAve it be meaningful, but not preachy and I would be down.


    Alot of you are very ignorant. Alot of your favorite superheroes were created as a “Black” person or Of a “Black” person. And look at all the heroes now… Ill wait,…. So hows that for the changing the history of the characters and all that politics being thrown around. Whitewashed To The Max.

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