Is The World Ready For A Black Superman? Film Posters Reimagined with Black Superheroes

black superman fan art
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Comic Book movies have a history of changing characters’ races and ethnicities in movies and TV shows. The casting of black actors like Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch in Fantastic Four and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White in Man of Steel has caused some controversy. The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not a change of race changes the character. For example, is Superman/Clark Kent still the same character if he was played by Will Smith? Or can Michael J White replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Alijah Villian has done some photoshopping and given us a good of idea of what we could expect had the casting been different.

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103 Comments on "Is The World Ready For A Black Superman? Film Posters Reimagined with Black Superheroes"

  1. dukeofnachos

    While I’m loathe to replace any of the Avengers, since they all feel as if they were grown for the roles they play, I rather like the idea of Donald Glover for Spiderman, or the other actors I don’t know for Superman and Batman. I really dislike the current Superman, and Batman who is the darkest edgiest motherfucker on this side of dark and edgy town makes me want to puke.
    But mostly I want Spiderman to enter the MCU being played by Donald Glover.

  2. truth tho and you know it

    Idris Elba is truly the only man alive who could pull off Batman tho, check out his jaw and voice.

  3. Evert van Staaden

    Hey, here’s an even better idea: Why not create new, relevant black superheroes kids can look up to, instead of just appropriating the current material? We need more Black Panthers, Luke Cages and John Stewarts.

  4. Jeremiah Greenawalt

    Dipshit it’s not being racist those characters weren’t created as such, create new heroes with they own backstories and histories that fit their race and ethnicity, simple as that seems like the first to call someone racist are usually racist themselves

  5. Aubrey Fraetas

    This is exactly what I am talking about. How am i being a racist exactly?? They don’t need to change our beloved characters, why can’t they just create new ones. There are great black super heroes like mentioned above, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Blade. You are the one who is making stupid remarks. Go fucking play elsewhere.

  6. Steve Hoffman

    because a fictional character comes with a certain colour? You’re the fucking dipshit, you racist piece of shit.

    “There are great black super heroes like mentioned above, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Blade.” That’s like saying you have black friends. Delete yourself off the internet because you’re a dumb fuck

  7. Steve Hoffman

    oh look! A white guy being triggered that his precious characters might be another colour? FUCK OFF

  8. Romero Tutor

    No….. I’m all for a lil color in Hollywood, but just no. I was even for Johnny Storm being black bcuz it couldn’t get any worse, but Superman has BEEN set in stone and it’s a character they never really got wrong (except Dean Cain). Don’t do this.

  9. Aubrey Fraetas

    Jeremiah Greenawalt Thank you, I was busy typing myself but trying to keep myself from losing my shit. He fits the typical PC stereotype shouting racist before even thinking.

  10. Pungkhanu Khaund

    Soo.. By creating this.. What r you trying to say ?? Is it that.. Black people are still neglected ??

  11. Henry Price

    Most of these characters already exist if you read comic books. Val-Zod Kalel / Calvin Ellis (Superman), (Batwing)David Zavimbe and Luke Fox. Because DC Comics doesn’t give a damn about their black comic book fans. Miles Morales Spider-Man is a successful Legacy character. And I still read Peter Parker of The Amazing Spider-Man. Even Stan Lee approves of Miles Morales so why are these white fans hating this idea. Fuck the world, because us black People can’t never be anything.

  12. Sharon van Diggelen

    I have never looked more forward to Idris Alba playing a Super Hero because he already is one in my eyes

  13. Sharon van Diggelen

    And those who say no is exactly what is wrong with this world but hay… Get your petty ass out of the olden days and catch up to the one color ideas!

  14. Melissa Jordan

    So can we get a white Luke Cage, Blade or White Panther?
    It’s absurd to me to think of these characters as white, so why am I a racist if I think that making PC characters of traditionally white superheroes is ridiculous. I think the same thing every time a movie or show from my childhood (like Annie for example) needs a “black” version.
    Why should any ethnicity anywhere get sloppy seconds? Why can’t people just come up with something new and relevant for young (or old) to aspire to or admire? Personally I would find it insulting as a race if all media could come up with was a rehashed version of some white character made to match me.

  15. Aubrey Fraetas

    Melissa Jordan Thank You, it speaks volumes on Steve’s character as to his one way outlook on life and the way he speaks.

  16. Tom Fenn

    Yes they could do it but the really question is should they? There certainly aren’t enough mainstream superheroes of colour but that doesn’t mean changing the ethnicity of classic characters will fill that gap. We need to create more new, diverse characters that kids (or adults) can look up to and identify with.

  17. Tom Fenn

    But they should definitely put Donald Glover as Miles Morales into one of the upcoming Spider-Man movies before he gets too old!!

  18. Soban Ali

    Hell No
    And stop saying black people, to me they are just people. And forcing their faces onto iconic superheroes will not solve the underlying issues.

  19. Evert van Staaden

    So hands up who here knows who John Stewart is? Now, how about letting go of the idris elba as batman idea and have him helm a proper green lantern movie as John Stewart, who in my eyes has always been a way more interesting and complex character than Hal Jordan. It’s that or get Batman rebooted….again.

  20. Matthew Epperly

    Samuel L Jackson & Denzel Washington would be an awesome Superman>We all need to respect each other>knowbody had issues when Perry White was Africa American played by Laurence Fishbourne in both NEW Superman movie’s

  21. Mauro Vara

    fuck no. so many black characters to make a movie. why would any body want to change the color or the gender. just make a new one.

  22. Joseph Gilligan

    Is the world ready for a white black panther? A white luke cage? A white Mr. Terrific? A white Blade? Sorry, is that racist?

  23. Robbie EJ Lewis

    Why though?? Why a “black” Superman?? I would love some original black superheroes maybe with powers similar to Superman.

  24. Joshua Jason Nelson

    I vote “No” on this because its stupid… Why mess with the history and upbringing of a character? If they want to create a black Superman then why not just say he was a stowaway when Planet Krypton was destroyed? That way they still have the black Superman but he has his own story… Problem solved

  25. Anni Potash

    Oh my word!! Does it make a difference if your superhero has black or white skin! Its like judging a book by its cover! Its what inside which matters!

  26. Brian Hallaran

    Is this not race approbation?

    By this are you not saying that black people are unable to come up with their own fictional character ?
    Are you saying they are not smart enough to do so ?
    Why do you feel the need to show your racism and hatred of the black people?

  27. Jacob Reynolds Mcalister

    The guy who they put up as superman, isn’t he the one who could adapt to anything in the xmen first class movie?

  28. Rob Sanderson

    Why? Why is this necessary? What point are you trying to make? Why has everything got to be some political bullshit?

  29. Jared Adam Whittemore

    Give me one reason. Just one. Just one reason why changing an established character makes more sense than writing a film for an already black character.

    Changing an established character to further your agenda is fucking idiotic. There a so many black heroes to make a movie about. How about a Static Shock movie. Or a better Green Lantern film.

    Raceswapping is lazy writing and it makes you look like a joke. If you want “representation” use one of the black heroes that already exists.

  30. Henry Price

    Sam Wilson, John Stewart and Miles Morales already a successful Legacy Hero.
    Val-Zod Superman and Batwing Luke Fox still in comics.

  31. Jordan Matthew

    It’s just a role, a fictional character. Anyone complaining about being true to the canon is full of shit and should just stick to reading dated material. End rant.

  32. Jordan Matthew

    It’s just a role, a fictional character. Anyone complaining about being true to the canon is full of shit and should just stick to reading dated material. End rant.

  33. Caleb Anderson

    There are strong black heroes that could and should be represented. The color of the characters skin really doesn’t make a difference, and it shouldn’t matter.

  34. Jeremy Brand

    I don’t care who plays superman as long as its not the steaming pile of garbage the last few movies were.

  35. Caleb Anderson

    Some characters it’s possible to change the color of the skin and it doesn’t make a difference. Other times, it doesn’t make any logical sense for the character (Wonder Woman, Black Widow, etc). The reason most people have a problem with race switching characters isn’t because people are racist, it’s because fans don’t like seeing the characters they’ve grown up with changed for political motives. Especially when it’s perfectly possible to create new characters and stories. Ultimately we’re all human and as Americans we shouldn’t let the man made concept of “race” divide us.

  36. Jared Adam Whittemore

    Yeah. That’s exactly my point. The proposed heros shown in this article are just race swapped versions of established heroes. The Green Lantern poster even says Hal Jordan on it for crying out loud. If they want a black Green Lantern they should use Stewart. I’d have nothing against a black Superman, provided they call him Val-Zod and not Kal-El.

    I’m not saying don’t have black heroes. I’m saying use heroes that are already black. Use the Legacy Heroes. Or write a new character. But having a character just be “X superhero” but black is lazy writing.

  37. Raul Sanchez Osorio

    We already have a black superman! his name is Jefferson Reed, in the hood they call him METEOR MAN!!!

  38. Laura Wildish

    Well there has been a black Human touch, and a non blond aquaman why not a black super man?

  39. Forrest White

    Idris Elba doesn’t even care to be involved in superhero movies. If I remember correctly he hated being Heimdal because of green screen acting. I doubt that would ever happen.

  40. Henry Price

    Fans need to come together like this perfect example on Spider-Man. Because both versions are Spider-Man

  41. Brandon Carl Keller

    Some of these heroes already have a black portrayal. Spider-Man has Miles Morales and Green Lantern has John Stewart. They could make it to the big screen.

  42. Jassi Thakur

    No shit its whack. Horrible to imagine specially in case of batman superman and wolverine. And black james bond really..?? I cant stand even the characters of wally west and iris west from flash on cw there is whole lotta difference between comics to movies. Race changing isn’t a good idea i guess. I hate that.. my opinion.

  43. Rob van der Sloot

    We’ve already had a black cat woman very recently, but skin color was not the real issue with that movie.

  44. Justin Vincer

    Or just to ROYALLY get the whole world to hate DC comics ……let’s make superman Asian and Aquaman a skinny hill Billy …..stop changing the comics ,people wanna see the comics brought to life and not flipped upside down so that no-one knows who their favorite characters are anymore

  45. Andrew Noel Marrufo

    Calvin Ellis Earth 23 Multiverse he’s actually the president of the United States. Born Kal-El son of Jor-El and mother Lara of the house of El

  46. Jason Hay

    While you’re at it, Let’s remake Martin Luther King movie with a white guy playing Martin Luther King.

  47. Me

    To quote Nicholas Cage’s agent (youtube it): “Nobody wants to see an all white remake of the Color Purple!”

  48. Cole Jackson

    This article exists for no other reason than to create arguments. After all the bitching that happens every time a white person plays somebody who has always been portrayed as black or another race, you really need to ask if it’s ok for blacks to play characters who have always been white?! If you don’t want white people playing as colored people then don’t do the reverse, hypocrite!

  49. Tarzan

    Its funny how people think the solution would be “to create our own black heroes and backstories”! How many times has a batman, spiderman, and superman movie been rebooted?

    Now of the black superhero movies that have been made, how many have had a chance to be rebooted? Spawn wasnt that great( financially and critically) and a reboot has been in development hell for years. Even though Todd McFarlane has been working in the reboot, it seems like it’ll be a long while before it even gets into pre-production. The first Blade was great, but the sequels didnt do well and no one has tried again. Its hard not to fantasize about white comic heroes being black. The black superheroes arent getting a chance oncreen.

    Yes Black Panther is getting a film and it’ll be good. Luke Cage was great as well. However, how about Green Lantern John Stewart, Blue Marvel, Icon, Miles Morales, getting a chance to be in a film or tv series? Most likely they won’t, cause studios won’t take that chance on it, thinking that the audience wont watch it.

  50. Steve

    Will smith was already asked for being superman i think it was man of steel he said, “I don’t see superman other then a white man” or something to that effect. He did Hancock instead.

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