Film Posters Reimagined with Black Superheroes

black superman fan art

Comic Book movies have a history of changing characters’ races and ethnicities, much to the debate of fans. Most recently, the casting of Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch has caused some controversy. The question on everyone’s mind is really whether or not a change of race changes the character. i.e. Is Superman/Clark Kent still the same character if he was played by Will Smith? Alijah Villian has done some photoshopping and given us a good of idea of what we could expect had the casting gone differently.


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5 Comments on "Film Posters Reimagined with Black Superheroes"

  1. dukeofnachos

    While I’m loathe to replace any of the Avengers, since they all feel as if they were grown for the roles they play, I rather like the idea of Donald Glover for Spiderman, or the other actors I don’t know for Superman and Batman. I really dislike the current Superman, and Batman who is the darkest edgiest motherfucker on this side of dark and edgy town makes me want to puke.
    But mostly I want Spiderman to enter the MCU being played by Donald Glover.

  2. truth tho and you know it

    Idris Elba is truly the only man alive who could pull off Batman tho, check out his jaw and voice.

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