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Friday, 27th of September 2013, saw the launch of the brand new FIFA 14 game. Is it just me or does this game seem to be releasing closer and closer to the start of the football season each year? The launch took place at the MWEB cave, with lots of freebies and prizes to be won it featured some great set pieces for a great evening!

Upon arrival you were treated to a goodie bag from sponsors such as: Dell (Mweb is Dell based), Alienware, Bluecats Marketing and Rectron. Other Sponsors included the likes of EA Sports South Africa who made sure that Mweb got their hands on the games early enough for them to setup for the event.

As you walked in to the room, you were given an overwhelming feeling that you would “Never Walk Alone” as the majority of the screens featured Liverpool Football Club. Other teams that were used more often than others were Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Manchester United. The Mweb cave was decorated in all things FIFA: posters, pull up banners, snapper frames, you name it! No matter which way you looked you would always find a Lionel Messi running towards you.

The entire event was run live on Mweb’s page and guests included the likes of 2UP Gamers, ETV and Goodhope FM, with Carl Wastie doing a great introduction for the guests twice! One as himself and once as one of Gru’s Minions… funny enough the minion intro was very good! He was accompanied by Tammy B as they tried their hand at the new FIFA 14 game.

The prizes were in abundance especially in an event called: Challenge a Pro. Thanks to Mindsport South Africa, individuals can obtain regional and provincial colours in FIFA. So on the evening guests were given the opportunity to challenge Yazeed Dollie, the regional X-Box FIFA Champ and Morne Roman, the Western Province FIFA Champ. In order to claim a prize challengers would have to score one goal within a half (5min). Yes, you did not even have to win the game, but that did not mean getting a goal past these guys would be an easy feat. Some of the VIP Gamer guests managed to score, earning great prizes. One gamer got a backpack. He did not seem too impressed with the backpack until he opened it and found it was filled with games!

The game has certainly changed since last I played it. The graphics look amazing and the movement of characters flows so naturally. I was really impressed by the amount of detail captured into individual characters, some featuring their trademark hairstyles. The game is so accurate you can actually see the signature hair do in exceptional detail. Character faces and expressions are believable and let you feel the joys and disappointments of the characters you control. I tested my skills against the PC but found myself wanting. Gone are the days of scoring without using strategies and perfect timing. What also proved the game was realistic was the referee. Liverpool deserved a penalty for a deliberate foul, however, the ref played on. Upon closer inspection that referee turned out to be none other than Howard Webb! With AI this clever I cannot help but worry if Skynet will be taking over sometime in the near future.

The food was great and with live music courtesy of What is Fiction. The evening was enjoyable. It is great to see that gaming in South Africa has grown so much and that Mweb is dedicated to serving (pun intended) the gaming market. The gaming scene in South Africa is growing exponentially with Mweb currently hosting just over 74 000 gamers! The event was put together not only to launch the latest FIFA but also to thank our local online gamers. It is great to see the recognition gaming is getting, the fact that you can get Provincial and National Colours just shows how times have changed and that gaming is more than casual fun, it is a lifestyle!

A big thanks to Candice from Greater Than, Good Hope FM’s Carl Wastie and Des from Mweb for really making the FIFA 14 launch one for the fans!

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