If Cottonstar sounds familiar, it should. The creative duo were present at the biggest Free Comic Book Day in Readers Den history. Danelle and Ben set about selling the print edition second chapter to their popular web comic and this year they plan on selling their biggest issue yet!

Cottonstar is a pirate adventure title named after a pirate ship that is manned by a colourful cast of characters all with a common goal; to be the thorn in the side of the Evil Corporation and their Employees. There is truly something for everyone in this book and the vernacular just adds that lovely little bit of local lingo into the mix. From page one you are amazed by the amount of effort and talent behind this local production. The illustrations are great and the colouring just complements the tone of this book so well.

Cottonstar is a well thought out read with a great cast, although the story seems to focus strongly on Reiner Du Preez, each character brings their own to the party. Vuis is definitely my favourite. Vuis in all his Zef glory just makes this read feel so right. The most colourful character in a literal sense is Noah, the Sabrecat from Kilimanjaro. His obsession with guns is almost admirable and being a Batman fan I should oppose firearms. Domino and Reka are the ladies that keep the ship afloat.

Domino is a sassy British brunette with a sense of humour that is as sharp as her trusty blade and Reka is a Tribal Tatooed Maori, a big powerful woman with an even bigger heart… especially when it comes to Renier. Such a colourful cast from all over the world surely leaves one wondering… how the heck all of these people from the far corners of our planet ended up aboard the Cottonstar?

Thanks to ‘The Great Flood’ the face of the earth was changed forever as the ocean consumed provinces, countries and continents. Sailing seems to be the most popular, if not the only, mode of transport in this dystopian future. But all is not as it seems, with other powers at play, truths have yet to be revealed as the crew of the Cottonstar attempt to find their place upon a new ship with one goal in common…take down the Evil Corporation. Jokes are plentiful, well thought out and so much more entertaining thanks to the local authentic feel. Yet, with art this great you might not believe that these talented folk share the same soil as us. You might think that this adventure was shipped from abroad!

Find out more about this title and the talented individuals making it happen. They will be present at Readers Den Free Comic Book Day 2014. Pop buy their table and be sure to grab a copy of their freshly printed Chapter 3. Chapter 3 boasts the most sound effects on a single page in the history of Cottonstar. It is action packed and the great part is that the Print Edition will have an extra few pages! Previous chapters will also be made available on the day, so be sure to visit their stand and be inspired!

Read more about Cottonstar on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheCottonstar and website: www.cotton-star.com/.

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