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Firstly, it goes without saying, do not read this if you haven’t watched Furious 6 as yet. This is your *SPOILER WARNING*.

Fast Six proved to be a big brash, fast paced, fist punching, girl fighting, car racing, comedic action escapade. It was a pure popcorn flick, pure fodder for general audiences, who ate it all up. Justin Lin did it again. He made another good Fast and Furious film, something that seemed unthinkable after the morbid 4th entry in the franchise. He also managed to actually bring the franchise into canon, making it seem like it was one big planned event, when it really wasn’t. Furious 6, the culmination of everything that has happened up to this point, tied up quite a bit of the entire series, forcing the general public, who probably lost interest in this franchise a long time ago, to go back and watch the entire series.

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[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ow most fans will tell you, letting Lin go is a mistake. I disagree, I think Lin is exhausted when it comes to Fast and Furious films and he has given the franchise his best ideas. In the end, the series is better for it. However, with Fast and the Furious 1 – Fast and the Furious 6 chapters now finally closed, moving forward into Fast and the Furious 7, and potentially 8 and 9, James Wan might just be the breath of fresh air that will help the series reach new heights.

Yes, Wan doesn’t have any big action experience, but Lin didn’t have much either when he started. They are both guys that come off the independent circuit; Lin with Better Luck Tomorrow (a real good film, that’s unofficially part of the Fast and Furious folklore, this is Han in high school) and Wan with Saw (well you know).

Wan probably has a few fresh ideas and with his experience with the Horror genre, he probably is the best choice to build the tension between Jason Statham and Vin Diesel. Diesel has also been producing the films since FF4, even directing and writing the short-film, Los Bandoleros, the prologue to FF4. Diesel understands the series lore, the characters and the fans. The series is in safe hands.

Looking at Locations for future films, we know that FF7 will be filming in Los Angeles, Tokyo and the Middle East. The crew is already planning a car chase scene on The Great Wall of China for some future installment! We were also promised a racing scene on one of Germany’s Autobahns.


I think that we should get a sequel, then a Hobbs (played by The Rock) film and end the franchise with FF8. This will give audiences a bit of breather while bringing Hobbs new team together, providing insight into the inner workings of the DSS.

Where will the franchise go to next? How can they keep it fresh? Who will be the next to die? Who might we see again? What will the next three films be about?

The first four movies are really the backbone of the series. Each film deals with a different setting and different characters. They helped create Fast Five and Six and will help create FF7-FF9 too. The series’ biggest strength has been its characters. The story could suck, but because people like the characters they always come back for more.

owen fast and furious

In FF6 we’ve seen that Owen Shaw, played by Luke Evans, is Dom’s antithesis. His philosophies are a direct contradiction to our heroes. In FF7 we know that Jason Statham will be playing Ian Shaw, Owen’s older brother. By the look of things his philosophies will mirror Dom’s. This will be quite interesting, especially if Statham’s villain is shown to be likable and have similar soft spots to Diesel’s Dom. They could have even been best friends in another life. I hope that Statham isn’t killed off in FF7, and could instead serve as a villain for the next two, potentially three, films.

Looking back, there are a number of villains that can still be used in future films. Cole Hauser as Carter Verone, who should be released from prison, and plotting his revenge on Brian, Rome and Tej, is one. Brian Tee as Takashi, who is looking to return to Tokyo, is another.


There is also a small contingent of fans that want to know what happened to Leon, the only member of Dom’s crew who has not yet returned. Looking at everything, I think the best way to bring Leon back would be to make him a villain. In FF6 Dom says to Brian “You don’t turn your back on family, even if they do.” Well what if family is trying to kill your family? What do you do? What if Leon managed to escape into South America? What if he got caught, served time in a South American prison, before being extradited to a prison State side? When he comes out of prison there’s no one there for him. The family is gone. Dom has a new family and they living large. Leon not only starts to loathe Dom and his family values, which he feels is nothing but a farce, but also hates Brian as well. Blaming him for Jesse’s death, Vince’s death and even Letty’s memory loss (she can’t remember him of course). Leon hates the new team by default and wants them dead. It would make things real interesting. Dom will have a serious dilemma.


Just imagine Carter Verone, Ian Shaw and Leon together as the primary villains for Fast and the Furious 7! Come on, that would be awesome!

In terms of other characters that could return, I’d like to see Leo and Santos, played by Tego Calderón and Don Omar, return. Although, I could probably see both of them be Jason Statham’s first victims in the start of FF7. Then again they are funny dudes!

Secondly, I’d like to see Eva Mendes as Monica Fuentes return. Although, I think it would be perfect if she was in the Hobbs film, as opposed to a Fast and the Furious film. These film’s rosters are quite huge as is, and she will get to do more in a Hobbs film.

And thirdly, I’d like to see MC Jin, Jimmy the mechanic from 2Fast and 2Furious, return to the series. There was actually a rumour that he was going to be in Fast 6, since he recorded a song for the soundtrack. But alas, that wasn’t the case! With Han dead the crew needs another cool Asian. Jimmy might just be another cool addition into the team. He could be the team’s ultimate car tuning secret weapon.

Of course, Lucas Black might also return as Sean Boswell. But I fail to see what his role could be.

2-fast-2-furious mc jin

Moving forward there are still plenty of things I would love to see in a Fast and Furious film, and when I think about it, most of it has to do with these characters relationships. Whether it’s seeing Rome chase after girl who works for the enemy (played by Zoë Saldana of course) jeopardizing everything the team is doing, or Dom not knowing what to do with Leon who is out for blood, leaving Letty and Brian to take the reigns on the situation, or even the inevitable Dom VS Hobbs VS Ian Shaw battle. There’s plenty that FF can still do. Allowing a Hobbs film in between FF7 and FF8 might be thing that could save the franchise from fatigue.

Let me know what you think? Where do you want the next Fast and the Furious films to be staged? Which villain do you want to see return? Do you want to see Leon as villain? And do you want Fast and Furious 7, 8 & 9 simultaneously or would you prefer 7, Hobbs and 8? Comment below.


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