Far Cry 5 Launch Trailer Welcomes You To Hope County

With the highly anticipated Far Cry 5 releasing today (yes, go and grab it!), Ubisoft has released a new trailer welcoming us to the Hope County and it’s weird and dangerous inhabitants.

Far Cry 5 Launch Trailer Welcomes You To Hope County

The Far Cry 5 launch trailer introduces us to the games main antagonists, the Seed family, who have been steadily taking over Hope County. These guys (and girl) are bad-ass and dangerous. It’s up to you with some help from a few rebel fighters and furry friends to take back the town and save the day by any means necessary. Of course, this means over-the-top action, loads of bullets, reckless driving (and flying) and just blowing stuff up.

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While the latest entry in the Far Cry series does take a more serious tone, it does get the balance just right between its humorous and more serious side. If you’re are still not sold on the game, still deciding about saving Hope County? Well, then go read our Far Cry 5 review. You will become a believer.

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