Far Cry 5 Expansion, Hours Of Darkness, Gets A New Trailer

When Far Cry 5 was released, Ubisoft promised that some interesting expansion packs would follow the game’s release. The first of these expansion packs, titled Hours of Darkness, has just received a release date and its first trailer.

Far Cry 5 Expansion, Hours Of Darkness, Gets A New Trailer

Hours of Darkness is set during the Vietnam war. Players take on the role of Wendell “Red” Redler as he has to save his squadmates from the NVA and VC soldiers roaming the lush and foreboding jungles of Vietnam.

Just as with Far Cry 5, the expansion will be fully playable solo or with a friend in co-op. As a bonus, after completing the main story, players will unlock two new game modes; Survivor Mode and Action Movie Mode. Survivor mode sees players having to complete a much harder story mode with a restricted loadout and Action Movie mode is basically the opposite by giving you a generous amount of weapons for more all-out action.

There are still two more expansions to follow: Lost on Mars, which sees you fighting aliens, and Dead Living Zombies, which of course has you facing off against the undead.

The Hours of Darkness expansion is set for release on the 5th of June 2018.

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