Fantasy Strike Is A Deceptively Simple Fighting Game

Developer Sirlin Games is looking to raise $500.000 by August 25 to aid them in developing their 2D fighting game, Fantasy Strike.

Fantasy Strike Is A Deceptively Simple Fighting Game

Fantasy Strike will allow players to control their fighter using a single button press and will introduce a novel system for countering your opponent’s attacks. When your opponent gets ready to throw you the countering system will allow players to perform a special move called a Yomi Counter. While this counter might be quite powerful it will leave your fighter vulnerable to non-throw attacks. This means players will continually have to gauge when the opportune time would be to unleash one of these powerful counter attacks. The idea behind the deceptively simple mechanics is that the hard part isn’t inputting the correct combination of commands but rather deciding when to unleash your attacks.

The game is currently still in the Alpha stage and has eight playable characters that players will be able to choose from. The game will also have a couple of game modes including, arcade, local versus and training mode.

Basically, Fantasy Strike sets out to streamline the fighting games genre by sticking to the fundamentals. For more information about the game, you can head on over to their crowdfunding page.

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