One Fan’s Unthinkable Obsession with Superman

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Herbert Chavez, an obsessed Superman fan, has undergone 16 years of cosmetic surgery (19 in total and £4,400) to transform himself into his hero. A dressmaker from the Philippines has had surgeries on his nose and jaw, skin whitening, pectoral implants and abdominal implants performed in order to look like The Man of Steel. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Philippine Superman.

“I feel like a Superhero whenever I pull on the costume. But my mission is not to save the world but to help in my own small way and bring a smile to the faces of local children. If you talk about super heroes, the expectation of people is that they are flawless, they do not get hurt, they do not die. But as human beings, we can only copy their looks. I have very Asian features, and did not look like the caucasian Superman. So when I was able to save enough money to alter my features, I chose to copy those of Superman. It is hard living up to people’s expectations as a living superhero. That is the reason I have had so many surgeries because I undergo maintenance procedures that need performing. I don’t have any regrets at all. People come up to me in the street all the time and want their picture taken with me. They are all really excited to see a real-life Superman in the Philippines.”

Mr Chavez regularly walks the streets around his home dressed in full Superman regalia. I wonder if Lois approves?

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