Fallout 4 Mods

Good news for Xbox One Fallout 4 fans, as it was announced that mods would be coming to the console after the next expansion, Far Harbor, has released.

Fallout 4 Mods
The announcement was made via Bethesda’s official Twitter account. The tweets revealed that the closed beta for Fallout 4 mods would be coming to the Xbox One after the 19th of May.
PlayStation 4 players will only be able to join next month, as they will also be given the ability to download mods or create their own.

PC Player have been sinking their teeth into Fallout 4 mods for two weeks now, as they have been able to download then directly from Bethesda’s official mod shop.

This is something that console players have been patiently waiting for, and it’s great that mod support will finally be available to them.

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