A new video by Unseen64, has finally revealed more about Factor 5’s cancelled Superman game.

Factor 5 is mostly known for their much-loved and excellent game, Star Wars: Rogue squadron. The studio closed in 2009 following the closure of Brash Entertainment with which they had multiple contracts.

The video shows that Blue Steel, the codename for the project, was initially planned to tie in with Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns sequel. After Warner Brothers decided to cancel Singer’s follow-up, Factor 5 decided to change Blue steel into a stand-alone open world game.

Factor 5 wanted to include some of Superman’s biggest rivals, including Darkseid, Bizarro, Brainiac, Metallo and Lex Luthor. They even planned a multiplayer component that would see players being able to play as Supergirl.

It seems that if the game had stayed true to Factor 5’s vision it might have actually turned out to be good. Unfortunately, the studio had to close down before the game could see the light of day.

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