The Faces of Facebook

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Freelance designer, Natalia Rojas, started a project whereby each of the individual Facebook profile images can be displayed. In numerical terms, that’s over 1.2 billion faces (or whatever else people have as their profile images). The images have been clumped together on a single page, The Faces of Facebook, which appears as a very pixelated, giant image. At first, once feels a sense of awe from the sheer numbers available on a single page, but this amazement soon turns to outright creepiness.

The fact is that your profile image is out there, although it may not be as easy to find as you may or may not want. To potentially locate your image, log in to your account, verify your Face Number, and then return to the site to uncover yours.

The Faces of Facebook app was designed using HTML 5, Javascript, CSS, JQuery, EaselJS, Ajaz, FB API, PHP and MySQL, while artist, Peele Lemos, contributed design work to the project. You may think that the site violates your permissions and security, but, in fact, only uses data from your profile that is already public, similar to how someone can search for you on Facebook anyway. Does this app creep you out?

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