Facebook/YouTube Bans Kirk Cameron’s New Movie Trailer

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Christian actor and filmmaker Kirk Cameron has a new movie out called Unstoppable. All he wants to do is show you the latest movie trailer, but Facebook and Youtube have blocked it, claiming that the clip is abusive, unsafe and spammy. The alleged ban has been resolved, but it raise some speculation about why Facebook keeps disallowing Christian content on its site.

Video below:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Nd12rC6iQ’]

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  1. LinuxMage

    Dangerous territory when commenting on things theological…Here is my 2 cents. Facebook, is run by secular, mainly very young people who have either have no established belief in any Faith or reject Faith(religion) out having been forced into a Church Membership as minors-thus having to little to no tolerance for those who actively believe and/or worship and a faction who assumes that all Religious Belief is of the variety of Fantatical Evangelical Christians, Islamic Zelots and other Negative-Loud-Bombastic Relgion/Personalities/Cults and so on. All three types arrogantly presume the right to censor or prohibit any subject they deign to be “religious” which to their way of thinking is equal to spam, abuse, intolerance, bigotry and etc. They never consider they are hypocrits who are guilty of the same. As for Youtube–my personal opinion is that it is run by spineless cowards who pander to whomever they think may cause them the most trouble and yank videos on the flimsiest of pretexts by other intolerant busybodies. I watched the video in question and found nothing abusive or negative. Kirk Cameron has the right to believe as he does and share it with the world. And in this case all he did was invite people to see a film that helped strengthen his Faith. He certainly did not try to indoctrinate or attack non-believers.

    • Jarrod Saunders

      Yes. I think people should have enough freedom to express what they believe as much as people those who don’t believe anything. There is really nothing offensive about this video.

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