Defeat Monsters And Slice Up Giant Ogres In Extinction

With Iron Galaxy announcing it’s latest game Extinction in a snazzy yet bloody cinematic trailer, many wondered what the actual gameplay would be like. Well, wonder no more.

Defeat Monsters And Slice Up Giant Ogres In Extinction

Iron Galaxy has released a new gameplay walkthrough trailer for Extinction that tells us a bit more about the game’s mysterious protagonist and reveals some of its gameplay mechanics. The most important of these mechanics is the ability for the game’s protagonist Avil to quickly traverse his environment by dashing and using his whip to pull himself towards objects. This comes in quite handy considering that Avil will be facing off against some really enormous enemies in the form of ogres. Each ogre offers a unique challenge to the player as some might be fully protected by a range of different armour pieces while others might wield large and pointy weapons. Luckily, Avil is pretty capable of taking care of himself as he is able to lob off parts of these ogres bodies. This means that players will be able to slice off an ogre’s arms and legs before finally striking the death blow.

Judging from the video each ogre will force players to think on their toes and make quick life or death decisions.

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