E3 2016

It’s happening again, gamers, fanboys and lovers of all things digital are going to be coming together once more at this year’s E3 2016 event.

E3 2016

What can we expect? What will be announced? Even more concerning will Half-Life 3 ever see the light of day? Well, with only a few days until the flood gates open and we start drowning in new game announcements we decided to put together a list of things that’s got us all excited for this year’s E3, whether these will happen or not we’re not sure, but here’s hoping that all our dreams come true this year (I’m looking at you, Gabe Newell). So in no particular order here are a few of our favorite E3 things to look forward to.

Zelda E3

New Zelda game. The legend has returned.

Nintendo fans and lovers of all things nostalgic have been hoping to see more of the new Zelda game that Nintendo has teased so many times. Will it truly be open world? Would the rumors of gender selection options for Link prove true? There have also been some claims made that the new Zelda game would feature proper voice acting for most of the cast of characters, if this will include Link we have no idea. The things we do know is that the game will be playable at E3 in some form or another. This means that we will be able to see the new Zelda game in action for the first time. Our guess is that the demos would include a portion of the open over-world and possibly one or two dungeons. Whatever Nintendo decides to show at E3, one thing is certain, we’ve never been this excited to see Link return for another adventure.

Titanfall 2E3

Titanfall 2. Grab your giant robot and ready your big sword.

Even with EA and Respawn having released a teaser trailer for Titanfall 2, there isn’t a lot known about the follow-up to Titanfall. What we do know is mostly thanks to leaked information and rumors. For instance, the possible new grappling hook mechanic. We’re hoping to not only see some of the fast-paced multiplayer action but also get some more information on the single player campaign. The Titanfall universe’s lore has always intrigued us and although Respawn has tried to subtly include some of it in the original Titanfall, they weren’t able to do it very successfully. Who’s not excited to see two giant robots duking it out with swords?

Zero Dawn E3

Horizon Zero Dawn. Show us some more robot dinosaurs!

Ok, so there is no denying that Guerrilla Games’ open world game Horizon Zero Dawn blew us away at E3 last year. We are really hoping that Guerrilla Games comes out guns a blazing at this year’s E3, by showing us some more of the game’s open world and its mechanics (and of course a release date won’t hurt). We especially want to see more of the crafting mechanics and obviously some more robot dinosaurs. To be honest any information we can get about the game is welcome.

For Honor E3

For Honor. You have my sword, and my bow and my axe.

At last year’s E3 Ubisoft had us asking the age old question, who would win in a battle between a Medieval knight, a Viking and a Samurai (we all know its the Samurai)? This year we are hoping to see some more of For Honor’s single player campaign. Would the main campaign feature a combination of the Knight, Viking, and Samurai or would each faction have their own dedicated campaign? This is one question we’re hoping Ubisoft addresses at this year’s E3. There has also been mention of playable hero characters, each with their own distinct personalities and names. With any luck, we will get some more information on them. As with any game a solid release date will also be really welcome as we have been itching to get our hands on this game.

FF remake E3

Final Fantasy VII Remake. Cloud and the gang are back!

Square Enix revealed quite a bit of information regarding the Final Fantasy VII remake at last year’s PlayStation Experience. We’re looking forward to Square showing us some more of the modified combat system and also some of the magnificent locales that the original had to offer in glorious 1080p. It has been rumored that the game might be releasing sometime in 2017, as this marks the game’s 20th anniversary.


Red Dead Redemption 2. Well, howdy partner.

This is a bit of a stretch, but we all know that Rockstar is probably working on the next Red Dead Redemption game. Since Rockstar has given us a taste of what they can do with an open world on the current generation of consoles with GTAV. Imagine what they can do working from the ground up on a new open world game for the current generation consoles. The only information we currently have about the game is a leaked image of what is said to be the game’s world map. So, basically we’re looking forward to any information that becomes available about the game, but we’re really hoping we at least get an in-game trailer.

Mass Effect E3

Mass Effect: Andromeda. To infinity and beyond.

BioWare has indicated on multiple occasions that exploration would be in the forefront of the new Mass Effect game. Exploring the final frontiers of space while shooting some aliens sounds like an awesome time. Although players were able to travel between planets and interact with them in the previous Mass Effect games, this time, it seems we’ll have a lot more to explore and a lot more to do. Will Mass Effect: Andromeda’s universe be truly open, giving you the freedom to explore as you see fit? Hopefully, this question will be answered at E3 this year. Show us anything more than just a teaser trailer (gameplay trailer or just good old gameplay) and we’ll be happy space rangers.

BF1 E3

Battlefield 1. It’s got horses and flying balloons.

So far we have only seen a short announcement trailer for Battlefield 1, but so many questions remain that needs answering. Will we be able to ride horses, or fly Zeppelins, are just some of the pressing questions we have after seeing the reveal trailer. With more and more first person shooters being set in the distant future, it’s refreshing that EA decided to take a step back (in time) with Battlefield 1. There are so many elements that we are excited to see more of, as mentioned horses, Zeppelins, bi-planes and what would World War 1 be without trench warfare. All these elements tick the right boxes, so were just hoping EA and DICE show off some of the multiplayer action so that we can get an idea of how all these elements work together in the chaos that is the Battlefield franchise.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We’re heading into space.

Another year, another COD. What makes us excited for COD: Infinite? For starters the game will be taking place throughout our solar system, this means that we will be heading into space for some good old sci-fi dogfights. The main campaign will also feature maps that are set on other planets which could make for some interesting zero-g battles. Although the main campaign won’t have co-op there will still be co-op functionality in the form of the new Zombies mode. What can be more exciting than Zombies in space? With any luck, we will see some more of the multiplayer and some of the single player campaign.

Dishonored E3

Dishonored 2. Let’s get sneaky.

We are really excited to see the direction that Dishonored 2 is taking. The new more colorful location along with the ability to choose between Corvo or Emily helps keep the game fresh without losing the atmospheric gameplay that made the first game so successful. With the Dishonored games being known for the leading characters interesting and clever abilities we can’t wait to see some more of the two protagonists’ new and upgraded skills. Seeing what freedom these abilities will afford the player is something we are looking forward to. It seems that verticality will also play a much larger role in the new game as the city of Karnaca tends to have a more vertically focused level design. The first Dishonored was a surprisingly good game, hopefully, the Arkane Studios will keep on surprising us.


Anything Star Wars. Come on EA show us what you’ve been up too.

We all know that EA has studios working on new Star Wars projects. These include the sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront as well as the secretive project that Amy Hennig and Visceral Games are working on. I’m wishing and hoping that EA releases some more information about any of its Star Wars projects, a trailer, a description even a screenshot, anything to just indicate what these studios might be up too.

S and M E3

Microsoft and Sony. Is it time for an upgrade?

Sony will probably focus a lot on the PlayStation VR and might even give us an indication of a release date. With rumors circulating that Microsoft might have their own VR headset in the works, there is no doubt that VR will be one of the focus points at E3 2016. What has got a lot of gamers excited, worried and curious is the leaked information regarding the PlayStation 4 NEO and the Xbox One Slim? Both these are said to be smaller and more powerful versions of their older brothers. The question is how will this affect the current PS4 and Xbox One owners? Hopefully, both Sony and Microsoft will be able to answer the many questions we have about these console upgrades and what it means for the future of console gaming.

These are just some of the things that have us excited for E3 2016. It seems that if E3 is any indication the future looks bright for gamers. We can’t wait to hear more, see more and experience more of E3 2016.

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