Exclusive access to Stone Cold Jane Austen

Exclusive access to Stone Cold Jane Austen – The Movie, via Xperia Lounge

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Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) are pleased to announce the exclusive availability of Stone Cold Jane Austen – The Movie on Xperia Lounge for a limited period only.

Stone Cold Jane Austen – The Movie – the brainchild of 5FM and Cassette fame Jon Savage along with actor, writer, director, dancer and producer, Rob Van Vuuren; is the hilarious untold story of one of the greatest bands that ever lived who inspired a revolution, yet failed to break through to mainstream.

The Xperia Lounge App is available for download on Google Play via your Android™ smartphone or tablet device running version 2.3 and gives you access to must-see movies, hot competitions and outstanding offers and promotions; Stone Cold Jane Austen – The Movie, is the latest instalment to come to Xperia Lounge, exclusively available on your Sony Xperia device.

Stone Cold Jane Austen opens in Nu Metro cinemas on the 22 May 2015 and will thereafter become available on Xperia Lounge from 22 May to 22 June 2015. If you own a Sony Xperia device, you will have access to this hilarious, proudly South African film for an exclusive period.

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