Watch: Everything Wrong with Unbreakable

Everything Wrong with Unbreakable

CinemaSins has released their latest clip for their “Everything Wrong With…” YouTube series, this time for the M. Night Shyamalan film, Unbreakable.

This oddball, superhero film was one of my favourites growing up, and, despite some of the glaring shortfalls in the story, is still a film I enjoy watching. So it was with great skepticism that I watched CinemaSins pick it apart, albeit still humourous.

“Unbreakable… the “realistic” superhero origin film. From back when M. Night was still on fire. Sins? Oh, for sure. But we still love this movie.”

CinemaSins is a movie-related, comedy YouTube channel created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson. The channel’s most famous and frequent videos are its Everything Wrong With… series that offers humorous critique and commentary on movies. As of July 2016, CinemaSins has gained over 6 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion video views.

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