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Directed by Eric Gandois, Eve, a sci-fi short, tells the tale of the last moments of humanity on Earth.

There isn’t any dialogue, but the visuals are strong enough to carry the piece through. It’s great science-fiction.

The last moments of humanity on earth before nature resumes his duties. Eve is a short film shot and imagined in 3D with a professional filmmaking team, including Joséphine Derobe as the 3D stereographer, who worked on Pina by Wim Wenders.

It’s both written and directed by French filmmaker Eric Gandois, who was a storyboard artist on Lucy and From Paris with Love. Featuring cinematography by Antoine Monod, and VFX by La Maison.

This was originally made and finished a few years ago, playing at festivals all over the world, but is just now available online.

eve short film

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