Etta Candy Short Film Wonder Woman Blu-ray

It seems DC might be going the Marvel One-Shot route by giving Lucy Davis’ Etta Candy her own short film on the upcoming Wonder Woman Blu-ray.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment revealed that Lucy Davis, known for her comedic work on The Office and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, will reprise her role as Etta Candy in an epilogue titled ‘Etta’s Mission’ which sees Steve Trevor’s secretary getting “the boys back together for a secret mission that could impact humanity’s future.”

While it seems unlikely that Wonder Woman will appear, the short will see the return of a few other cast members. Although Etta only appeared in a few scenes in the film, she managed to steal the hearts of many fans with her radiant smile and quirky personality.

The Wonder Woman home video release will come with a number of bonus features. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray releases will include extended scenes, a blooper reel, behind-the-scenes footage, and featurettes about Wonder Woman’s history.

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