Escape The Dream World In The New Past Cure Trailer

Developer Phantom 8 has released a new story trailer for their upcoming stealth-action game titled Past Cure.

Escape The Dream World In The New Past Cure Trailer

Past Cure
takes place in two distinct realms, the real world and the dream world. Players take on the role of a highly decorated ex-elite soldier named Ian. Given mysterious and unique powers through experimentation, which includes telepathy and telekinesis, Ian is on a mission to find the people responsible for this. Along with his brother and a mysterious agent named Sophia, Ian discovers that an adversary who might not be from this world is after him. It all sounds a bit confusing, but judging from the trailer the game seems to include the mandatory duct crawling and hand to hand combat.

The developer has describes the game as a combination of stealth, thriller, horror, and action with a story filled with unexpected twists and turns. No release date has been announced yet but many expect it to release sometime this year.

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