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Epson Launches New A3 and A4 Photo Printer Range

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At press event at the Gallery MOMO in Rosebank, Johannesburg, Epson launched two new, six-colour photo printers, with their Ink Tank Systems, to media. After a brief announcement of the new range, media were treated to a presentation on colour and its effects on behaviour by Louise Donald, editor of Pix magazine. The presentation was then followed by a demonstration on water droplet photography, after which all in attendance turned on their creative side to create masterpieces of their own. All of this was to illustrate the potential of the new printer range, which was a big success.

Epson Launches New Photo Printer Range-01 - L1800

Epson L1800

Press Release

Epson’s new photo printer range takes the pinch out of printing

Epson has launched two six-colour ink tank system (ITS) photo printers designed to deliver ultra-low cost, high volume photo printing. The A4 Epson L850 and Epson’s first A3 ITS printer – the Epson L1800 – are ideal for event photographers, photo labs, advertising agencies, education facilities and consumers looking for fast and affordable photo printing.

Epson Launches New Photo Printer Range-02 - L850

Epson L850

For High Volume Photo Printing

The Epson L1800 printer is the first ITS printer from Epson that produces A3 photographic prints. The L1800 is perfect for high-volume print environments and can print photos in approximately 191 seconds1, with a maximum print speed of up to 15 pages per minute for colour and black and white prints. The A3 ITS photo printer is capable of printing up to 1,500 A3 photos2, or 2,600 black and 4,700 colour A3 text pages3 off one set of inks.

Lizette Ebersohn, product manager at Epson South Africa, says that Epson is excited about their new product offering “Extending our range of ITS printers to print in A3 is just another way that Epson is delivering high-quality, innovative products that are talking to the needs of our consumers.”

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For On-the-Go Photographers

The Epson L850 was created for photographers and consumers who are looking for a quick and easy way to print high-quality images. With a printing rate of as little as 12 seconds per print, the L850 can print up to 1800 15x10cm photos1 off one set of inks. A memory card slot allows users to print directly from their cameras, without the hassle of plugging into a laptop. In addition to delivering reliable, top-quality photo prints, the Epson L850 also offers the advanced functionality of an A4 scanner, LCD display, and CD/DVD printing.

“The L1800 and L850 were developed from the understanding that photographers require high-quality, cost-effective, reliable printers that can print quickly and effectively” says Ebersohn. “Furthermore, photographers work and print from different locations, so convenience is important to their operations. For this reason, Epson has introduced a memory card slot to the Epson L850 for fast and easy access to photo prints.”

Both printers contain Epson’s Micro Piezo technology and genuine Epson ink, which together guarantee precise, consistent and low-maintenance photo and colour document printing. They also include Epson’s innovative ultra-high-capacity ink tank system (ITS) and come with a one year or 3,000-page manufacturer’s warranty. Each printer comes with six ink bottles at a cost of R200.00 per a bottle (excluding VAT).

The L850 and L1800 are available at a recommended retail price exclusive of VAT at R6900.00 and R9000.00 respectively.

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