Is Eiza Gonzalez Really Joining The DCEU As Catwoman

In the last few months, we’ve had every celebrity and their grandmother tease fans with possible casting speculation. Baby Driver‘s Eiza González is next on the list. A recent social media post sparked rumours that she will be playing Catwoman in the DCEU’s Gotham City Sirens.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Actress Eiza Gonzalez teasing “New Uniform”Johns follow her is she DCEU Catwoman? from DC_Cinematic

It doesn’t take much for fans to get excited about possible casting news. Of course, actors have begun to realise this and have used the idea to gain interest and populate their social media feeds.

Seen in a black jumpsuit (from Gonzalez’s recent Instagram Story), fans suspect that the 27-year-old Eiza González has been cast as Catwoman. The reason? The attire bears a striking resemblance to the leather costume worn by Selina Kyle in the comic books. If you add that to the rumour that was circulating earlier this year (that she is being sought out as Catwoman), perhaps there is some truth to it after all.

González is also currently following – and being followed by – both DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns and Gotham City Sirens director David Ayer. She also posted images of a box of comic books and has been seen visting Warner Bros. a lot. Could it all be a coincidence?

González certainly has the right look to play the part. However, considering that Bruce Wayne is much older in the DCEU, wouldn’t Catwoman be too?

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  1. waylien girl

    I like her. She’s one of my favorite actresses since watching her on telenovelas first. I loved her work in Baby Driver. I saw it last night. It was very awesome. She acted so awesome in it.

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