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Yesterday, 3rd December 2014, Edgars officially launched their Verssed WS smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1. While the rest of the line-up wasn’t discussed at the launch, the Verssed brand will include a total of 3 phones and 2 Tablets: “SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.” You can view the official press release for the W1 below, along with images for the full line-up, or visit www.verssed.com for more detail.


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Press Release:

Edgars unveiled its first Windows Phone 8.1 device, the Verssed W1 smartphone that will be locally available in select retail outlets from 15 December.

Edgars Announces Verssed-01-W1

Verssed W1

The Verssed W1 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor and offers excellent connectivity via Wi-Fi 801.11n plus Bluetooth 4.0, and fast download speeds (HSPA+ speeds of up to 42 Mbps). Users can capture important life moments on the smartphone’s 5 megapixel rear-facing camera and make Skype video calls using the VGA selfie shooter. Good battery life is also part of the Verssed W1’s appeal thanks to its decent-sized 1420 mAh battery. Edcon is making the Verssed W1 available at select Edgars, Jet and CNA retail outlets for a recommended retail price of just R899.95.

Edgars Announces Verssed-02-PLATINUM VP.1


“Modern smartphones enable users to boost their productivity, multitask, navigate to their destinations with live traffic info to avoid jams, and enjoy their favourite media or mobile games on the go,” says Jurgen Schreiber, Chief Executive Office at Edcon “. “In this day and age, price should not be a barrier to putting this kind of functionality into the hands of more users.”

Edgars Announces Verssed-03-PLATINUM VP.2


Whilst the Verssed smartphone brand as a whole makes all of the functionality of modern smartphones available to more users thanks to their affordable pricetags, the Verssed W1 differentiates itself by being the first to run on Windows Phone 8.1. The Verssed W1 delivers the same quick, seamless, and quality Windows Phone experience to the end user regardless of the hardware powering the device.

Edgars Announces Verssed-04-PLATINUM VM.1


Furthermore, Windows Phone delivers a more personal smartphone experience that brings you closer to the people and things you really care about. As a Windows Phone 8.1 device, the Verssed W1 includes features such as Live Tiles that surface information important to you; Action Center, which show new activities and notifications at a glance; and Senses, which is a suite of features that takes the work out of managing data use, storage space and battery life. Despite the affordable cost of the Verssed W1, it still offers local users all of the same advantages of the Windows Phone ecosystem including access to thousands of apps on the Windows Phone Store.

Edgars Announces Verssed-05-MOTION E.1 7 TABLET


“The Verssed W1 smartphone is the first Windows Phone partner device to become locally available,” says Melanie Botha, Consumer Channels Group Executive at Microsoft South Africa.

“We understand that each market is different and our partner device programme has been specifically designed to help original equipment manufacturers and original device manufacturer partners build Windows devices that meet local demand as well as develop local brands. The focus caters to the needs of our consumers by encouraging device manufacturers and other partners to deliver low-cost devices with an uncompromised Windows and Microsoft Services experience,” concludes Botha.

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  1. Dolly

    hey there,

    i have bought a Verssed tablet 7 inch yesterday 25/01/15, i might say i regret why did i ever listened to anyone about this. it came with a Telkom mobile sim, which i didn’t mind at all because i have my mtn Sim. i am so furious as the phone cant download wattsup or anything else, what’s surprising is that it comes with a watsup icon on it but when you download is say’s the application is blocked as the devise do not recognize it. i my mtn sim card is not working on it as it requires a tab code. i am taking this back and who ever is going to buy this, Good Luck……

    • You’ll need to be more specific with your issue. What are you attempting to do?

      Hint: An issue I have come across with users not being able to use the internet and as a result download apps, setup email, etc. The issue is that the date is sometimes incorrectly set at start-up. Double check that the date and time setting is 100% and test again.

  2. Zandisile

    Hi I bought Verssed tablet yesterday (01/03/15) and the screen cracked within 4hours. Infact it was my negligence. Where can I repair the screen, and how much it will cost me?

    • Unlike Samsung and Apple that have their own dedicated repair centres, I don’t think you’ll find it easy for any local repair shops to stock the Verssed range of screens for replacement. Based on current trends for screen replacements, you are looking at anywhere between R500 and R1,500 (higher end). I’ll do some digging and get back to you if there any specified repair centres for the brand.

    • It would seem that the reset process was not completed successfully. You can try the following method to hard reset again:
      Performing a factory reset using phone buttons
      Turn the power off.
      Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefly press the POWER button. Release the VOLUME DOWN button when you see an icon on the screen.
      Then press the following hardware buttons in sequence: VOLUME UP > VOLUME DOWN > POWER > VOLUME DOWN.

  3. zikhona

    I bought versed emotion 1 tablet lastbwik Friday now the problem is its getting low quick an I charge it very day is DAT normal for a new down to do DAT?

    • This is normal for a new device to lose its charge within the first few days after purchase.

      All batteries are charged at only 40% during storage and shipping so as to not damage the battery when it’s not in use. Taking the unit straight out the box and draining it to below 10% upon first use is highly damaging to the battery.

      Rechargeable batteries become better as they cycle through charging and discharging within the first few days.
      Although it isn’t always necessary to charge for 8 hours before first use, this process is used for optimum charge of the battery upon first use.
      Also, all batteries react differently, even within the same device, but eventually should get to a point where they’re relatively on par after a few days.
      I recently received to new flagship review units, one of which had a very high discharge rate for 3 days before stabilising.

      I hope this answer helps. It could just be that you have a defective battery. Although, try not to let the battery discharge below 20-30% for the first few uses to ensure optimum results.

    • As it stands, we have yet to make contact with any parties on support for device repair.
      The best we can suggest is that you take the unit back to the store if still under warranty and discuss with them on protocol.

  4. abel

    bought verssed vp1 and it fell so cracked the screen and I’m disappointed because the is not store that has its repairs not even vodacom WHR I bought it. so can anyone help me of any play place they knw WHR I can fix it

  5. Adelaide

    Hi .my name is Adelaide. I bought a verssed platinum vp1..last year murch. I’m using its vodacom sim n my mtn sim on it at anitime… Its working properly n de screen is still intact. The only problem it that de battery doesn’t last for de whole day it needs to be charged de every after 4 hours even if u don’t use it too much.what can I do?pls help.

    • If you follow the previously, you’ll notice that we’ve yet to find the answer to address the issues and concerns involving the Verssed brand.
      This is very disappointing, since we’ve reached out to both the PR company and Edcon directly without success.

  6. nnyadzeni

    hi, the screen of my vp2 is broken, where can I get it fixed? i have tried local retailers and there was no progress, my location is Thohoyandou in Limpopo.

    • Hi. Unfortunately, as you can tell by all the previous comments, we have not yet had any success with our efforts to reach the relevant parties on details of fixing any Verssed handsets, or buy accessories and spare parts. Until we get this info, upon which we’ll share it with you guys, we’re unable to assist readers on this, and other, Verssed issues.

  7. Ruschke

    Hi there. I got the versed W1 phone last week Thursday. My phone fell on the floor not even a leg distance and the screen cracked. Does Edcon do repairs on the screens and what are the costs thereof. There is so many comments to screens, and makes me wonder whether we bought the wrong handset. Kindly let us have your urgent reply hereto. Ruschke Holl

    • Since we haven’t had any feedback on this ourselves, the only other option would be to go to the store directly.
      But given the feedback from other readers, this isn’t always a solution, since even Edcon haven’t been able to assist anyone as yet.
      Given that this is a non-standard device and screen, it isn’t easy either to take it to just any repair store.

  8. Ruschke

    So basicly we are buying phones that have no parts. I would not recommend anyone to buy this phone, as this is the situation. I would like to contact Verssed directly to discuss this as this is unexeptable, so basicly I have to buy another phone just to communicate. I am really not impressed and I think there is a lot of customers out there that feel the same way. I had a look on Gumtree and OLX and there is a lot of W1 Verssed phones on there which people want to sell due to cracked screens.

    Please could you provide me with contact details or e-mail address to address this problem to Verssed.

  9. Thabang

    I’m using Verssed Motion vm.1 i bought this phone in February, but now it doesn’t want to charge it doesn’t switch ON as well…so where will i can take it to repair?

    • If you can tell by the previous comments on this post, the news is very bleak for repairs of any kind for Verssed phones.
      As yet, we have been unable to confirm any repair processes.

  10. Bonita

    I own a Versed W1. Bought it about 3 months ago. Suddenly when I turn it on all it displays is a blue screen with a sad face :-( Please help

    • This doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue, but rather a software one.
      If you’re happy to do so, after trying everything else, you can try a factory reset…be warned, though, that this will erase all your previous settings and software you installed and will return the device to the state to which you bought it.
      Check out the video for a quick how-to:


  11. Wailing Soul

    Hey Evan,
    I am an international student from Malawi. i have bought several tablets and smart phones from Ackermans, Edgars for my relations just before I go for holidays. They just insert the ;local sim and the gadgets work fine. Now I have loved this 7.1 tablet and I want to buy it but from the comments, it appears it only works with Telkom Mobile, or am I wrong? Secondly, someone has mentioned that he cannot download whatsup because he has inserted a sim that is not Telkcom mobile. Does it mean this is just for local use (within South Africa only?). Why is the other guy failing to download whatsup after he inserts a different sim to Telkom mobile?

    • Hi. There is no reason for these phones to be locked to Telkom Mobile network. This should not be allowed in SA.
      What I do assume might be the issue is the internet connectivity outside of South Africa, as the APN settings might be different and the device has to be setup from scratch, along with the network’s device, internet and MMS settings.
      There could also be region restrictions on the device in terms of connecting to a foreign network based on the frequency bands of that country, but this is less likely to be the case.

    • Justin

      Great list! I grew up with all these shows in the 90’s. All of this so nostalgic! I remember a show on KTV, it wasnt animated – but it starred 3 kids each with powers. The girl had super strength, the one guy has telekinesis and the other super speed I think? I cant for the life of me remember the name. If you could help me out Id be indebted to you for life. Thanks!

  12. Does anyone know how to actually turn the wiFi OFF on a Verssed tablet E.1.1
    The battery usage show 29% for WiFi whether it’s on or off. The ‘Adjust Power Usage’ button? doesn’t seem to do anything.

  13. Brian

    Hi, Im very upset by this verssed tablet 1.1, on the box it says the camera is a 2mp but when you check settings on the camera its 1mp, I only saw that after 11 days. WTF!! so the manager at Eastrand mall CNA (Michael) says its not their fault. I should have brought back the tablet before 7 days after i bought it (20/11/2015). according to CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, Page 13 states – Suppliers and service providers are required to display labelling and trade descriptions of products, which do not mislead consumers about the contents of the packaging or goods attached to the products. Page 23 states – Consumers are permitted to return goods to suppliers, without penalty and at the supplier’s risk and expense, within a period of six (6) months…. if the goods are of inferior quality, unsafe or defective. Suppliers are obliged to refund,……


    • There have been numerous complaints about the Verssed devices, as you can tell by the many complaints on our site alone.
      At this point there is no single answer as to what to do regarding the return or repair of any of the units.

  14. Ihv problem wit my tablet versed I bought t Sunday last week so idnt know y t accept 8.ta simcard only coz there is two spaces for sim card n t not accept other sim network

  15. Dineo

    Hy i bought verssed motion E1 tablet 3 months ago now it dsnt take calls n smss, i can call n send sms bt i cnt reseive dem i also called 8ta help bt dy did not help..if i reset it will it work?

    • It’s very difficult to pin point such issues, especially since there’s no way of knowing if its network or device related.
      Easiest way is to change devices if you have that luxury. You’ll then know if it works that it’s device related, and if it doesn’t, then it’s most likely network. Try this before resetting your device, which should always be one of your last options if you don’t want to lose your setup, and data in having to re-download all.


    i have a problem with my verssed phone, i have used it about the year and now it does display nothing after unlocking the screen.

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