Players Become Their Own Worst Enemy In Echo

Developer Ultra Ultra, that comprises of several ex-IO interactive employees, has released a new trailer for their upcoming stealth game, Echo.


Echo incorporates a really interesting mechanic into their gameplay. Players take on the role of a female protagonist in search of a loved one. Along the way, she is forced to face off against clones of herself. The game operates in a cycle between light and dark. During the light part, the clone enemies learn by watching what players do. For instance, should the player continually stop to grab a bite, the clones will notice this and adopt similar behaviour. Should the player, however, go in guns blazing, the clones will react accordingly by shooting first and asking questions later. The idea is to take advantage of what the clones have learned during the light phase. The second dark phase is where players will be able to use the clones newly learned habits against them.

It’s a really interesting mechanic and, if implemented correctly, could make for a truly unique stealth experience.

Echo releases on Steam this month with a PlayStation 4 version planned down the road.

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