All Easter Eggs, Cameos & References From 'Wonder Woman'

Mr Sunday Movies does what he does best and gives us the Easter eggs, cameos and references from DC’s Wonder Woman film. If you’ve seen the film, this is a pretty entertaining way to recap.

The love for Wonder Woman is universal. As pointed out by Mr Sunday Movies, a lot of the film’s moments were lifted directly from the pages of the comics. In a new video, he discusses all the cool tidbits that caught his attention, unpacking everything from the origin of Wonder Woman’s sword to Diana’s background.

Be warned, there are a tonne of spoilers in the video.

Wonder Woman 2017 has a stack of Easter Eggs and References that you may have missed! Or maybe you didn’t. Regardless, this looks at comic book origins, Wonder Woman’s weapons and powers, Steve Trevor, Captain America The First Avenger, Justice League, Superman and Superman the Movie, Batman, the future of the DCEU and more!

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