EA’s E3 2017 conference was mostly focused on revealing more of previously announced titles. However, they did surprise us with the announcement of two brand new IP’s. Here are some of the announcements and news from the EA E3 2017 conference.

E3 2017 - EA Conference -Something New, Something Old

Anthem – Stay behind the wall in BioWare’s new game

One of the few surprises at the EA E3 2017 conference was the announcement of BioWare’s new IP. The game, titled Anthem, was revealed with a short teaser trailer.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the sci-fi game except that it involves some kind of protective wall. The wall seems to be the only thing keeping the people inside safe from the evil forces that lay beyond its boundaries. What exactly this evil is has yet to be explained. All we know is that protecting the wall means that the humans have to don some pretty slick looking futuristic armour.

The first bit of gameplay is scheduled to be shown at the Microsoft E3 2017 conference later today. I’m quite keen to see BioWare stepping away from their Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises and take on something brand new. I’m just hoping that the evil that lies behind the great wall is a bunch of bad-ass dinosaurs (please let it be dinosaurs).

Way Out – Sneak, run and kill bad guys along with a friend

Another unexpected surprise at the EA E3 2017 conference was the announcement of co-op only Way Out. The new game from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creators, Hazelight Studios, puts an interesting and innovative new spin on co-op gaming.

Unlike so many co-op games out there, Way Out can only be played in co-op with another player. So, those without a gaming buddy are out of luck (I really need to make some friends).

The story focuses on two escaped cons who have to continually use their wits in order to evade the police and other bad-guys. Going it alone isn’t an option as players need to work together if they are to survive. One of the players might need to drive a getaway car while the other keeps the cops at bay by pumping their vehicles full of lead. A player might also be in the midst of a cut scene while the other can still run around. This could lead to some interesting narrative beats as the story could be experienced from two different perspectives.

Way Out is set to release in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Now, I’m off to make some friends.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – The Empire strikes back once again

Although we knew that Star Wars: Battlefront 2 would have a presence at EA’s E3 2017 conference, loads of new information regarding the title was revealed. Firstly, unlike last years Battlefront game, this year Battlefront 2 will feature a fully-fledged single player campaign.

Players will take on the role of a female soldier, Iden Versio, who fights for the Imperial army. The single player campaign takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi. Having players experience a Star Wars narrative from the viewpoint of an Imperial soldier has me quite excited as I love playing as the bad guys once in a while.

Don’t get me wrong though, I fully expect Iden to join the Rebels at some point during the campaign. With regards to the game’s Season Pass, EA announced that there would not be one. Instead, all the DLC content (maps, characters, and modes) for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be free. EA will offer players seasons of themed content which as mentioned will be free of charge.

The first round of DLC content will be themed around the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi film and will include characters Finn and Captain Phasma along with a map based on the planet Crait (seen in the film’s trailers). This does not, however, mean that there won’t be stuff to spend your hard-earned (real life) money on.

It was also revealed that the game will have micro-transactions which will allow players to unlock more stuff quicker. This has me a bit concerned as it basically has the potential to turn into a pay to win mechanic. EA did specifically say that they would not allow this to happen, but we’ll just have to wait and see how the prevent this.

Lastly, we got to see the game’s multiplayer in action. The multiplayer gameplay video showcased a battle taking place on the planet of Naboo. The trailer shows off some of the new vehicles and weapons that players will have access to.

Need for Speed: Payback – Need for Speed’s back baby!

During the EA E3 2017 conference, we were treated to the first-ever Need for Speed: Payback gameplay. The video showcased some of the high-speed action players can expect when the game launches. A player in a Mustang is tasked with stealing a car which is currently aboard a truck (ala Fast and the Furious). This is not as easy as it seems as the truck is protected by a group of enforcers. By slamming into these enforces the player is able to dispatch them one after the other. A few slow motion sequences later and the player faces off against a helicopter and quite a few cops before the video ends.

Judging by the video it seems that Need for Speed: Payback will be filled with all kinds of over the top action. EA have previously stated that players will be able to take control of three different characters throughout their playthrough, although this wasn’t shown during the conference. To be honest, based on the gameplay video the game looks like it could be loads of fun. The key to Need for Speed: Payback succeeding is that it shouldn’t take itself and it’s narrative too seriously. After all, the most fun I’ve had with a Need for Speed game was taking part in mindless high-octane car chases.

FIFA 18 – Footy at it’s best

EA made it quite clear that they are willing to sacrifice a bit realism for fluidity in FIFA 18 to allow players to quickly and easily execute their moves. This doesn’t mean that the experience will be dumbed down but, instead, that EA will be focusing on striking a balance between accessibility and realism.

EA also revealed that FIFA 18 would once again feature a narrative driven single player campaign. This campaign will continue the journey of the fictional character from FIFA 17, Alex Hunter. The story is set to be an emotional tale as Alex struggles to emerge out from under his legendary grandfather’s shadow. EA released a trailer revealing Alex’s return.

Although FIFA games have always been focused on giving players a comprehensive football experience it’s great to see them expanding the series into a more narrative driven terrain.

NBA Live 18 – Slam dunk!

After a long hiatus, the NBA Live series is making a return with NBA Live 18. EA revealed that the game will focus on not only bringing players a realistic basketball experience but will also place an emphasis on personalization and customization.

EA hopes to bring something new to the sports genre with their new RPG-like mode, titled ‘The One’. This mode allows players to create their own personal player, which they will be able to improve as they progress through the game.

NBA Live 18 will also see street ball making a return as players will be able to challenge each other in 5 on 5 street matches. I’m excited to see NBA Live making a return and hope that EA can bring something new and fresh to the basketball genre.

These are just some of the news and announcements EA made during their conference. Below is the complete EA E3 2017 conference video for more information:

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