Battlefield 1

Since its announcement, fans couldn’t wait to see some in-game footage for Battlefield 1. Well, wait no more.

Battlefield 1

EA has released a gameplay trailer for Battlefield 1, and it looks just as good as we had hoped.

Environmental destruction has always been an important element of the Battlefield games, and it seems that this will still be the case. The trailer also showed off some dynamic weather, which we are excited to see being implemented into the multiplayer. Weather changes mean that players will need to adapt and change their strategies to fit the situation that they find themselves in, these can be anything from fog to rain.

Another big part of Battlefield 1 in the close quarters combat. Players will now have situations where they will get up close and personal with their opponent’s as weapons such as axes and sabers will now be joining the standard firearms.

Games will now also include behemoth class vehicles, they are the airship, armored train, and battleship. These will make multiplayer matches even more challenging and interesting.

From what was shown at E3 Battlefield 1 looks set to become the World War One game we didn’t know we wanted.

The game is set to launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in October 2016.

Below is the gameplay trailer for the game:

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