Ubi E3 2016

Ubisoft’s E3 2016 conference was exactly what we hoped it would be. We got to see lots of gameplay for their upcoming titles and were even treated to some newly announced ones. Once again Ubisoft has shown that they can do E3 right. Here are some of the announcements and news from the Ubisoft E3 2016 conference.

Ubi E3 2016

Ghost Recon: Wild Lands – You’re in for a wild ride

I have been really skeptical when it was announced that the next Ghost Recon game would be an open -world game, would it be more of the same, similar to most of the Ubisoft games (FarCry, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed)?

Well, after seeing the new gameplay video, I have to admit that Ghost Recon: Wild Lands look far deeper and engaging than I first thought.

The demo has a team of four players on a mission to capture a man named El Pozolero. What impressed me about the demo is how independent each member of your party can function while still working together with the rest of the team to complete the main objective. In the demo, the players each performed different tasks and approached the base from different angles, some of the players were on foot others in vehicles and even a helicopter.

The open-world lends itself to teamwork and trying different and unique strategies to complete missions. We can’t wait to take on some these missions with our friends.


For Honor – To battle!

We have been shown some of the multiplayer for the sword fighting game For Honor but haven’t seen anything related to its single player campaign. However, Ubisoft, at last, revealed some details regarding the single player campaign and also showed an on-stage demo.

Vikings, Samurai, and Knights have been warring for centuries, but it seems that a character called Apoleon is pulling the strings behind the scenes causing these three factions to fight each other endlessly.

It was explained that single player campaign will enable you to join one of the three factions. Each will have their own different feel, fighting style and motivations. The on-stage demo showed a snippet of the Viking campaign as the Viking horde descended on a Samurai city. The scale of the battle that followed was quite impressive, as the lone Viking fought off waves of Samurai fodder. The trailer concluded with the Viking taking on a Samurai warrior in one on one combat, there seems to be quite a bit of strategic depth in the fighting mechanics as swinging your weapon wildly will probably result in your death.

For Honor is one of our most anticipated games, not only does the multiplayer look solid and more importantly fun, the single player also seems to weave an interesting tale of deception.


Watch Dogs 2 – Now with even more hacking, and dogs

With the Watch Dogs 2 announcement made just before E3 a lot of people were surprised at how much different yet similar to the original the game looked. With a new protagonist Marcus Holloway the game looks like it is everything we hoped the original Watch Dogs would be.

Ubisoft showed an on-stage demo that shows Marcus, a member of the hacking group DedSec, as he went about hacking everything he passes. Marcus had to infiltrate a building using every skill and object at his disposal. These included a quad copter and RC car that could help him spot enemies and also help him hack into systems. The movement in Watch Dogs 2 looked really fluid and believable, this is especially apparent when Marcus took on enemies in hand-to-hand combat or was sneaking around objects. Marcus also has access to non-lethal weapons which can come in handy if you plan to play the game stealthily.

How you tackle these missions are up to you as each looks to be a sandbox with multiple solutions.

We weren’t impressed with the game initially, but as we have seen more of it, especially the on-stage demo, we have become more intrigued by the game. It seems to have solved a lot of issues that plagued the original Watch Dogs. What has us excited is the open nature of the missions and the ways in which you can take them on.


Star Trek Bridge Crew – Beam me up, Scotty.

Everybody knows that the bridge and its crew are at the heart of any Federation starship. Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR is about the dynamics between people who are playing as part of a bridge crew as they try to survive the dangers of space.

The game is set in J.J Abrams’ movie universe as there was a pointed decision not to have the game take place on the U.S.S Enterprise. The decision was made because it would be easier for players to immerse themselves in the game if they weren’t taking on the role of well-known characters.

The trailer that was shown had Star Trek cast members working together in the game, trying to survive space and each other.

What has us interested in the game is the teamwork element, everybody that is part of the bridge crew need to work together or face the very real probability of failing the mission. It’s this combination of working together and being under pressure to perform your part that makes us excited for the game.

Steep – Defying gravity

Steep is a game we were not expecting from Ubisoft. It is a massive open world game where players will conquer mountains by skis, wing suits, snowboards and paragliding. Players can take on these challenges solo or side by side with friends, seeing who can perform the best stunts and tricks or finish the course the fastest.

There are no set paths on the mountains, it’s up to you to create your own and explore it as you like, which judging by the size of the mountains should keep you busy for quite a while.

The game looks really impressive, both visually and mechanically as you are able to track the paths you create and share them with friends.

I think Steep will become the snowboarding, wing suit, skiing and paragliding game you never knew you wanted. We’re really curios to see more of the game closer to it’s release.

South Park: Fractured But Whole – Just as funny as it sounds.

Ubisoft had Trey Parker and Matt Stone on stage to discuss the new South Park game. The story follows the South Park kids all dressed up as part of a superhero team with Cartman as their fearless leader The Coon. As the leader, he creates back stories for each of his team members which include you as the new kid. Players will be able to choose their class of superhero, for instance, Speedster or Brutalist. Depending on what class you choose you will have your own unique superpower options.

It was also announced that the combat has received an update from what player are used to in The Stick of Truth. Players will now be able to position their heroes, push and pull enemies knocking them into various props or even other enemies.

We also need to mention that your farts can now tear the fabric of time giving you unique abilities in the process.

From what we’ve seen South Park: Fractured But Whole is just as funny as we hoped and we can’t wait to return to South Park.

This is just some of the news and announcements from Ubisoft, below is the complete Ubisoft E3 2016 conference video for more information:

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