Sony E3 2016

Sony rarely disappoints at E3 and this E3 2016 was no exception. They came out guns a blazing right from the start, announcing titles at a steady pace and putting the focus squarely on what matters; the games. Here are some of the announcements and news that came out of the Sony E3 2016 conference.

Sony E3 2016

New God of War – By Odin’s beard

Kratos is back, although this time the setting has changed from Greek Mythology to Norse, it also needs to mention that he now has a son. The fact that Kratos now has a son and the change in setting seems to indicate that this could be a series reboot. The trailer appears to indicate the new direction that the game will be taking, as Kratos sets out on a hunt with his son. The overall tone is one that feels somber and is filled with emotion, something that the original God of War games were sorely lacking. The game looks to be more open world focused, and the static camera we’ve grown so used to is gone. Of course, that’s not all that is missing, as Kratos seems to be without his trusty chained blades and instead uses an axe.

We are really excited about the new direction the God of War franchise is moving in, great action sequences along with moments filled with emotion should make for a very engrossing game.

Days Gone – Seems the zombies are coming

Everyone has been wondering what Sony Bend has been up to. Well, today it was revealed that they have been hard at work on their new post-apocalyptic game, Days Gone. Sony showed off some gameplay for the game, as we join the protagonist for the game, a bounty hunter, as he is chasing after a bounty. After creeping around looking for the escaped bounty, our protagonist picks up a part from an engine to use as a silencer, he then continues to search for his target. He eventually finds him being attacked by a zombie. As the chase continues our hero finds that he has just gone from predator to prey as a huge horde of zombies start chasing after him. As he retreats he continues to fire into the horde hoping to thin their ranks. In the end, he is surrounded by the horde.

The game is very reminiscent of The Last of Us, so much so that I thought that that might be what they were teasing. This isn’t necessarily negative, it all will depend on how much the game differentiates itself from its post-apocalyptic cousin. I’m cautiously excited for the game, mainly due to the fact that Sony Bend is such a great studio with an amazing pedigree.

The Last Guardian – At last we have a release date

It seems that the game we all thought long dead will finally be coming out as Sony released a gameplay demo that not only showed us more of the game but also gave us a release date, 25th of October 2016.

What little Sony showed confirmed that the world and environments still looked beautiful and that the bird-cat-dog is just as adorable as ever. The most interesting part of the trailer reveals that the world of The Last Guardian has more than one bird-cat-dog creature and that some might be friendlier than other.

With all the emotion surrounding the game’s long overdue release, we can’t help but get swept up in the hype. We truly hope that The Last Guardian fulfills all our expectations.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – What’s scarier than robot dinosaurs, giant robot spiders.

As we had hoped Sony showed off quite a lot of gameplay for Horizon: Zero Dawn. Not only did we see some more of the beautiful and diverse looking environments, but we also got to see some of Aloy’s sneaking and archery skill along with some more unconventional weapons. Surprisingly the game also uses a conversation wheel, which is a welcome sight for old RPG gamers like us. We also got to see Aloy hacking into a deer like robot and catching a ride on it, which has us hopeful that we might be able to ride those huge robot dinosaurs we saw. There was also a mention of corrupted creatures which would indicate that something or someone is turning these robots into killing machines. The gameplay trailer ended with Aloy taking down a large mechanical spider.

The more we see of this game, the more we want to play it. Its open-world looks amazing and the story seems quite interesting. We can’t wait for 2017 to arrive so we can hunt some robot dinosaurs.

Spider-man – Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man is coming to PS4

Who would’ve guessed that Insomniac games would be working on a PS4 exclusive Spider-man game? Although the costume that Spider-man is wearing in the trailer looks similar to what we got to see in Captain America: Civil War, Insomniac games indicated that the game would take place in an original universe, this of course has us quite excited.

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The trailer has our friendly neighborhood Spider-man doing what a spider can as he swings and climbs his way through the city. There is also some combat which looks really fast-paced and smooth, just what you would expect from a Spider-man game.

Although it was a really short trailer, as Spider-man fans we are all aboard the hype train.

Death Stranding – Kojima’s Back

Everyone has been curious about what exactly Hideo Kojima was working on, and at last it has been revealed. Kojima is working together with Norman Reedus (walking dead), who might be the protagonist, on a game called Death Stranding. The trailer that was shown is one of those you need to see for yourself as describing it might just be confusing.

Basically, it has a naked Norman Reedus, cradling a disappearing baby in an environment filled with dead whales, fish, and crabs.

We are not quite sure what to think of the game yet but are looking forward to seeing more of it.

Crash Bandicoot – Crash is back

It was announced by Sony that everybody’s favorite PlayStation mascot, Crash Bandicoot would be getting remastered. Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3 will be heading to PlayStation 4 as remastered games, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Along with the news about the remastered versions of Crash Bandicoot, it was revealed that Crash would be heading to Skylanders Imaginators as a playable character.

Batman VR game – You’re Batman

Ever wanted to be Batman, well Rocksteady games have now given you the chance to don the iconic cape and mask in Batman Arkham VR. The game will be entirely played in the first person, with the story revolving around a very personal murder story.

Locations that you will be able to visit as the Batman have also been announced, these include the Batcave and Wayne manor. We can’t wait to head into Wayne manor and down to the Batcave to put on the iconic suit and get ready to fight all injustices where ever they may occur.

As you can probably tell this is a game we think might make VR worth having.

Resident Evil 7 – A whole new level of terror

It seems that the Resident Evil franchise is heading away from the run and gun gameplay of Resident Evil 5 and 6, and returning to its horror roots. The game is said to return to atmospheric horror, which will deliver a whole new level of terror.

Although the game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC it will be fully compatible with PlayStation VR. Good news is that the demo is available right now for PlayStation Plus members.

We are glad that the franchise is returning to its survival horror roots as that is what made us fall in love with the franchise in the first place.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Welcome to outer space

Sony showed off an extended look at the campaign for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare that definitely caught our attention.

The demo has our hero hopping into a fighter ship, jumping onto space wreckage, shooting some bad guys and creating some really pretty explosions. So basically what you would expect from a COD game. What makes this COD game stand out is the outer space setting, which would seem to indicate that missions might be more open allowing players to form their own strategies.

Combat seems just as fast paced and brutal as in previous games and we can’t wait to give it a go and head into space.

Detroit: Become Human – You are an android

Quantic Dream, the studio behind emotional story-driven games such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls once again got player’s attention when they announced their latest game Detroit: Become Human. The trailer that was shown once again highlighted a world where tensions are mounting between humans and androids. It seems that some androids are fighting back against their human oppressors, who have become more prejudiced against them.

Not only is this a really good looking game, but the deep story and the questions it poses really makes us want to sit down and play the game.

This is just some of the news and announcements from Sony, below is the complete Sony E3 2016 conference video for more information:

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