It’s been quite a while since anything Quake related has been announced, that is until now, as Bethesda has announced a new game in the series.

Quake image
Bethesda has revealed a new Quake game called Quake Champions. The announcement was followed by a reveal trailer showing a variety of warriors battling it out in arena combat zones.
The game has been described by Bethesda as a competitive first-person shooter for the PC that features a cast of unique warriors each with their own attributes. It seems that the game could play similar to Overwatch, the main difference being that the warrior with the most kills wins. The game also brings back some of the classic weapons that have been part of the franchise for years, these include the railgun, lighting gun, rocket launcher and melee buzzsaw gauntlet. From what is shown in the trailer, the combat set to be faced paced and frantic, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

It’s great to see Bethesda reviving old franchises such as Quake and DOOM and if the recent DOOM game is anything to go by Quake Champions will be a great multiplayer shooter.

Below is the reveal trailer for the game:

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