Bethesda has finally announced the new Prey game, and it might not be exactly what you thought it would be.

The new game is being developed by Arkane Studios (the team behind the Dishonored games) and is being described as a “first-person immersive game”.

Prey puts us in the shoes of Morgan Yu, the subject of a series of experiments designed to improve the human race. The experiments take place far above the earth in a specially designed space station, and as we all can guess an event occurs that see’s aliens overrunning it.

The official description of the game according to a post on the Bethesda blog describes the game as follows:

“You are Morgan Yu, the subject of morally dubious experiments designed to improve the human race. You awaken aboard the Talos 1 in the year 2032 and must uncover the secrets hiding in the depths of the space station while being hunted by the mysterious alien force that has taken over. You’ll have to rely on the tools you find on the station – along with your wits, weapons and mind-bending abilities – to combat the growing threat and, hopefully, survive.”

This is quite the change from the what was originally envisioned for Prey 2 , which placed you in the role of an alien bounty hunter. We’re just glad to see the franchise we thought was dead return from the grave.

Below is the reveal trailer for the game:

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