YouTube fame Hannah Hart, Ingrid Nilsen, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart bring you DYSH, a new app for the professional or wannabe foodies. Founded by Taste Buds, it aims to build a sense of community for all those passionate food lovers. Simply take a photo of your meal and rate it on the 0-100 point scale, with a short caption to word your eating experience.

Its features include:

FEED: This is the newsfeed section, which shows you the latest posts made by fellow foodies. Who’s eating what and where.

SEARCH: Indecisive over where to go for your next meal? DYSH users do the menu reading and best food picking for you. Just select what type of food you’re craving and see where the best-rated option is in your district. Lazy? Don’t care, show me pictures!

DYSH: This is the sharing option, where you post your best food and drink photos (that you can alter with the editing options available – make that burger look good). Tag and hashtag where you ate it or how you made it.

EXPLORE: Using the hashtag option you can join in on various competitions and find new recipes ideas, posted by the DYSH community. Find profiles to follow.

PROFILE: All about you and your posts. Keep it tasty to gain followers.

STATUS: This is your reward for contributing to the foodie community on DYSH. The more likes and higher the rates on your food pics, DYSH will track your efforts and give you a new status as you climb the DYSH popularity ladder. “Use DYSH. Earn points. Give back.”


Basically, it is just like Instagram, but for food. A food porn app that you can indulge in for free! Available on Android and IOS.

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