Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope Film Premieres In November

There have been many live-action Dragon Ball Z films over the years. Unfortunately, not many of them are good. Machinima is hoping to change that with Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope, a live-action film from Robot Underdog.

Dragon Ball Z Light Of Hope Film Premieres In November

Based on the popular Dragon Ball Z manga series, Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope is a live-action film that faithfully retells the Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks anime story in a gritty character-focused approach. Just two years ago, the humble spec pilot took the Dragon Ball community by storm, with fans across the world rallying together to fun a full feature film. Now, it’s finally here.

With Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z Warriors dead, the merciless Androids #17 and #18 are burning the world to ash. It is up to Gohan and Trunks to save the future timeline. To accomplish this, Gohan must find a way to mentor the young Trunks and teach him to find strength in his heartache. Meaning the apprentice must grow up painfully fast to save every human life possible. While they battle, Bulma is working to create a time machine and a cure to prevent Goku from dying in the past timeline. Even if they can’t change the future, they can give hope to the past. A boy must lose his childhood. A grieving son must act as a father. A widowed wife must conquer time. Through the darkness of loss, can this family find a Light of Hope?

Directed and produced by Donnie McMillin & Rita McMillin, Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope releases November 14th.

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    • Claude

      If you mean the saiyans…well, they’re aliens, not asian and as for the androids – siblings – one with blue eyes and blonde hair…sound asian to you?

  1. Sez C

    Dragonball z cartoon has history as an American culture icon And in japan as a Japanese culture icon. Each culture will make a different adaptation. Stop complaining of race and put up the money and talent if you can make the fitting adaptation. Just hope they make it a good movie that can proudly stand alongside the material upon which it’s based.

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