Dr. Easy: Sci-Fi Short Film

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A new sci-fi short, Dr. Easy, has been released online. The short is based on Matthew De Abaitua’s novel, Red Men, and the short itself was written by Jason Groves, Richard Kenworthy and Christopher Harding. The short serves the purpose of a prologue for a planned full-length feature film adaptation of the novel. Seems like an interesting project. Here’s the synopsis:

“Nelson used to be a radical journalist, but now he works for Monad, one of the world’s leading corporations. Monad makes the Red Men-tireless, intelligent, creative, and entirely virtual corporate workers-and it’s looking to expand the program.

Nelson finds himself at the helm of a grand project whose goals appear increasingly authoritarian and potentially catastrophic. As the boundaries between Redtown and the real world become ever more brittle, Nelson finds himself forced to choose sides: the corporation or the community, the real or the virtual.”

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