Puma Continues it's #DoYou with Basket Heart Denim

Following on with the #DoYou campaign with International Model, Actress, Activist and Brand Ambassador Cara Delevingne, Puma has released the new Basket Heart with an overhauled denim makeover.

Puma Continues It's #DoYou With Basket Heart Denim

The company keeps the flame alive and continues to inspire confidence in women everywhere with the Spring/Summer ’17. Living up to the campaign’s mantra, the only way to be you is to #DoYou, Cara is in her natural, candid element wearing Puma’s latest Women’s Sportstyle and Bodywear ranges which she styled herself. To complete the look Cara adorns the breakout style Basket Heart which has received a denim makeover. The court icon is decked out in an all-over denim-look upper. This sweetheart is as tough as it looks: thick cotton laces complete the style for the perfect bow.

Puma Continues it's #DoYou with Basket Heart Denim

The ‘DO YOU’ campaign encourages women to stay true to themselves, make their own rules, and never take ‘no’ for an answer. It creates a conversation that encourages women to be confident, motivated, and never willing to compromise on anything from their personal style to their workouts to their life. Cara stresses that you should dictate your own destiny, from your attitude towards life down to your personal style. You should look through the same lens when you make fashion choices. “It’s about finding yourself. It’s good to be inspired and look up to people but to find what really makes you happy, no matter what that is, don’t follow the crowd,” she adds.

Puma Continues it's #DoYou with Basket Heart Denim

The sneaker is available in indigo hues of Twilight Blue, Halogen Blue and Oatmeal, for both adults and toddlers (which are quite adorable). The Basket Heart Denim will be retailing for R1,299 at Cross Trainer stores from 6th April 2017.

#DoYou this week

Cara features in the Puma X Cara Delevingne docuseries that’s set for release in the coming months.

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