DotA 2: The International – 2nd Annual Championship

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It’s hard to believe that a game still in its Beta form is now hosting its 2nd Annual Championship. There’s no doubt that the fan base for DotA 2 is already one of the largest in existence today, and there’s no surprise that much hype is built around such an event. The top 16 DotA 2 teams from around the will compete for the ultimate prize from 31st August to 2nd September of this year, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Washington, USA. Known as The International, this tournament promises surpass last year’s event.

DotA 2 Beta Annual Championship - Na'ix

For those who question the importance of such an event and the hype built around it, take a look at gander at what happened last year. Of the 16 teams due to compete, 6 slots have already been filled. The first of these teams were last year’s winners, Na’vi (Ukraine), followed by DK (China), aL (Australia), Orange (Malaysia), iG (China) and coL (USA). With only 10 slots, for who take part at such high levels, you can only cross your fingers in hope at competing for the main prize of $1m.

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