It's Finally Confirmed! Doomfist Will Be Joining The Overwatch Roster.

He’s finally here. Blizzard has finally confirmed that Doomfist will be joining the Overwatch roster.

Doomfist Will Be Joining The Overwatch Roster.

After months of rumours, hints and speculation, Blizzard has finally released an origin story trailer announcing Doomfist’s arrival. While many had hoped the character would be voiced by Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), it has been confirmed that veteran actor Sahr Ngaujah will be doing the voicework.

As one would expect from a character wielding a powerful armoured fist, Doomfist is mainly an offensive hero. His skills include a hand cannon and a rocket punch, with his defensive ability providing him with a temporary shield. His most powerful attack, however, is his meteor strike which as you can guess has him slamming into the ground creating a shockwave around him.

Below is the character’s origin trailer as well as a developer update introducing his abilities. It seems Doomfist will make a worthy addition to the Overwatch cast.

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