It wasn’t until 1993, when the original DOOM was released, that I got completely hooked on the first-person shooter genre. To be honest, DOOM is one of my favourite game series of all time.


What is it about the DOOM series that has got me so hooked? Maybe it is that the game never needed fancy stuff like cover and special scopes for weapons. It was always all about the fast gameplay.

It is now the year 2016 and we are getting closer to the release of the latest edition of DOOM. I played the Open Beta and here are my thoughts.

The DOOM Open Beta had 2 modes you could choose from: Team Deathmatch and Warpath.

We all know what Team Deathmatch is about; kill as many of the other team before the time limit is reached. What I really liked about DOOM is that you don’t really have a kill-cam. This means that when you die, 4 seconds later you are back into action. This makes games go so much faster.

Warpath is like King of the hill “On the Go”. The point you need to capture is always moving. This makes it for some interesting gameplay. It’s almost like a convoy defending mission of sorts. I didn’t get to play this mode too much as the losing team seemed to rage quit before the end, this was a bit annoying. Both of these modes were 6v6.

The beta only features two maps: Heatwave and Infernal.

The Heatwave map theme was a lava filled UAC facility, and Infernal can only be described as the depths of hell. I found both maps to be a great size and they were easy to navigate. There were moments in the beginning where I was running around in circles looking for other players to blast away with my Super Double-barrel Shotgun. I did discover that there are always two points/areas on the maps where all the action always went down. Once you discover these, you’ll always find yourself in the thick of the action.


The Weapons, Demon and Hack Modules

Doom is well known for the weapons like the Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, and Plasma Gun. The beta gave us the opportunity to try out 7 different weapons. But like all other multiplayer games, I found layers sticking to the weapons they preferred. The best combo I used was Super Shotgun as primary and Rocket Launcher secondary. Switching between them made it bit easier to survive. With the Pulse Rifle and the machine gun, I felt a little bit out of place and underpowered.

An additional feature to multiplayer is the biggest weapon of them all. Turning into a demon and becoming almost unstoppable. Every few intervals a demon rune will spawn and once picked up, you will transform into a demon of your choosing. In the Beta, we only had access to the Revenant. The Revenant’s main weapon are shoulder mounted rockets and it also has jetpack ability. The demon mode only lasts for around 60 seconds, or when someone kills you. Killing the demon does take some effort. I would know as I tried to take it on and failed 99% of the time.

Hack Modules are like booster packs that you can enable for short periods of time. Like having additional armour when you spawn or seeing the last person who killed you so that you can exact your bloody revenge on them. As you play and gain XP, you will unlock more modules, and decide when and where you want to use them. They work almost like Burn Cards in Titanfall and Armour Abilities in Halo.

I have to say they really put in some great effort in the character customization aspect of the game.

You have so much control on how you want your character to look like. But it doesn’t just mean changing your armour to some other combination of helmet, torso, arms and legs. You can also choose your taunts (Raising the Horns is my favourite) and pattern design on your character. What I liked was when you are choosing your colours, you can decide on how dirty and worn your suit can be. That is a pretty neat touch. I think it will be really hard to find 2 of the exact same characters in the game.


I really enjoyed the Open Beta.

It was fast, gory and it just gave me that special feeling that only playing a DOOM game can give you. I can’t wait for the full release of this game May 13th. I am most excited to see what they have in store regarding more maps and the different demons.

Here is some Gameplay of me dying and winning (sometimes)

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