Mweb Doom and MSI Vortex Launch - event

Friday the 13th of May saw the launch of one of the most anticipated games of 2016, DOOM. Not only were we invited to attend the launch of DOOM, but we were also given the chance to see and hear all about the new high-end MSI PC that has just hit the market, the MSI Vortex.

Mweb Doom and MSI Vortex Launch

Upon arrival at the launch, attendees were given an MSI gift bag with a few awesome goodies. These included some DOOM merchandise (a t-shirt, gun keyring, DOOM lanyard and id holder) and an MSI dragon keyring. The wait to get inside was short and as we entered we were all directed to the newly upgraded Mcave. Here we had snacks and beverages until we were told to gather around for the presentation on the new MSI Vortex.

The MSI Vortex is small in size and is remarkably the same size as a console. However, its computing power is far more potent than that of a console and cannot be compared. The big brother of the series features an Intel i7 Skylake, DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 SLI GPUs, USB3.1 Type-C interface and all the other features needed to ensure your gaming experience in both 4K and VR is unsurpassed. Plus, its sleek small design will bring any PC lover to their knees.

Mweb Doom and MSI Vortex Launch - event

After the MSI presentation, it was time to get ready for some hands-on time with DOOM. A small presentation on the game took place and in under 10 minutes, all the gamers were set to hit the PCs and test out the highly anticipated game. The single player mode has tons of demons and weird looking things to kill with a huge amount of big bad-ass guns. The multiplayer has 7 different modes and we spent a lot of time killing each other and reaping soul. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to win any of the really cool prizes (which included some cool MSI tech) but congratulation’s to all of those who did.

The Mweb Doom and MSI Vortex Launch was undoubtedly a success, thanks to Mweb Gamezone, Zombie gamer and a crowd of awesome gamers. Once again Mweb has proven that they understand gaming by hosting yet another successful event in Cape Town. And thank you MSI for always bringing us the best in gaming!

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