Dolby Vision

Good news! Xbox Wire recently revealed that Dolby Vision video streaming is coming to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles.

Dolby Vision video streaming is coming to both Microsoft consoles in a system update which was rolled out on Wednesday. This is a great addition to Xbox consoles as they already support Dolby Atmos surround sound. Now with Dolby Vision, video streaming Xbox consoles are becoming a viable alternative to many of the expensive media centres on the market.

Dolby Vision

So what is Dolby Vision video? Basically, it is a high dynamic range (HDR) 4K video format that adds an extra layer of information to HDR pictures. This means that your TV (should it support Dolby Vision) will be able to display more extreme contrast, subtle colours and shadow details. Basically, it enhances the quality of the picture.

Currently, it seems that Dolby Vision will only be available when streaming Netflix (Premium subscriptions only) on a Dolby Vision compatible TV or monitor. It also seems that, for now, Dolby Vision will not support 4K discs or even games, which might be a let down for many.

The update is currently only available to those who form part of the Xbox Insiders preview program and will most probably be released to the public in the coming weeks.

Are you excited about this new Dolby Vision feature or are you disappointed that it seems to only be tied, for the time being, to a Premium Netflix subscription?

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