New Advert Teases Doctor Who’s 13th Doctor

Fans of legendary science fiction show Doctor Who have been speculating for over a year about the identity of the 13th Doctor and this new advertisement shows that the wait is almost over.

Focusing on the key to the time-travelling TARDIS police box and a variety of locations around the world, including 10 Downing Street and the Statue of Liberty, the video shows that the announcement will be made immediately following the Men’s final of Wimbledon on Sunday.

Speculation has been rife regarding the identity of who will replace Peter Capaldi in the classic role when his tenure ends in the upcoming Christmas special at the end of the year. The secret has been closely guarded, so much so that even the Christmas special’s director Rachel Talalay has said that she’s unaware of the choice. With a new creative crew taking over behind the scenes, some believe that the time may be right for the first female Doctor – an option teased repeatedly over the course of the latest season.

On Sunday night, the speculation will finally come to an end. All that anybody knows for sure at this stage is that with over fifty years of television history for The Doctor, whoever steps into the role has a lot to live up to. They’ll be making history.

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