Christopher Robin Winnie the Pooh

Disney has released the first trailer for their next heartwarming adventure, Christopher Robin, the upcoming live-action take on Winnie the Pooh.

While there were a lot of cheers from fans, some were bitterly disappointed by the news that Pooh would be voiced by an American actor, Pete Cummings. Of course, it didn’t take long for Twitter to blow up with comments and complaints about the change:

However, if you can get past the American accent, as the trailer shows, the nostalgia-brimming Christopher Robin looks quite promising.

Christopher Robin, the little boy from the Winnie the Pooh stories, is now all grown up and has lost all sense of imagination. Pooh and his friends re-enter Christopher’s life to help him find it again.

Christopher Robin stars Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, Pete Cummings (Winnie the Pooh), Chris O’Dowd (Tigger), Toby Jones (Owl), Peter Capaldi (Rabbit), Nick Mohammed (Piglet), Sophie Okonedo (Kanga) and Brad Garrett (Eeyore).

Marc Forster directs Christopher Robin, which is set for release on August 3.

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