Disney In Talks To Purchase Fox. The X-Men Might Return To Marvel

Fans might finally get what they’ve been dreaming of for the longest time. According to CNBC, The Walt Disney Company is reportedly in talks to purchase most of 21st Century Fox. That means the X-Men might finally be part of the MCU.

Disney In Talks To Purchase Fox. The X-Men Might Return To Marvel

The potential deal would exclude a number of Fox assets, like the Fox broadcast network, Fox News, Fox Business, and Fox Sports. It would, however, include the 20th Century Fox studio, which is home to Fantastic Four, X-Men, Deadpool, the Alien film franchise, Avatar and the original Star Wars film.

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Of course, this deal would shake up the industry. Following the news, shares in 21st Century Fox already spiked on Monday. Of course, both Disney and Fox have yet to comment on the supposed deal.

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  1. Why am I the only person screaming about the possibility of Disney finally acquiring the licensing rights to the original star wars trilogy?!? We could finally get a Blu-ray of the unaltered version

  2. So everyone moaned and bitches about Disney buying Lucas arts because they will ‘disneyfy’ everything but this is a good idea? Not for me. Keep them separate. You don’t have to follow tg3 source for everything.

  3. Ash Paladium

    I guess that’s good. The only good X-Men movies ever made was the first X-Men and Logan. The rest were overdone garbage. Lousy scripts and lousy dialogue. They finally got a clue and gave Wolverine an -R- rated movie. What a concept.

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