Disney CEO Admits Rogue One Is ‘An Experiment’

Even without the guarantee of box office success, Disney CEO Bob Iger explained he is not concerned with the monetary risks of squeezing as much as possible from the galaxy far far away.

Iger has however admitted that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was never expected to do as well as its Force Awakens cousin, and admitted to the uncertainty of giving the film the stroke of green light, calling it ‘an experiment’. It will be the first Star Wars film without the mainstream familiarity of the Skywalker-Solo family storyline.

Early complications such as constant reshoots and the recent replacement of its musical composer further placed the films’ success into doubts, but so far Iger is impressed with its progress and direction.

“We figured out how to improve the odds of making good films.” He told The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney CEO Admits Rogue One Is ‘An Experiment’

That’s good news to share with Han as Disney executives recently sat down for pitches of the next phase of Star Wars films being thrust into hyperspace for the next decade. Take a deep breath for this one as it includes a planned err, solo Han Solo origin film, the upcoming ninth Star Wars film scheduled for 2019 and its sequel still in development for 2020, all of this in the midst of a continuation of the Rogue One spin-off and an as of yet unnamed spin-off being written for 2021.

Early predictions indicate that an eventual Star Wars fatigue will set in, similar to the exhausted complaints from Hollywood crying about ‘endless comic book movies’ happening now. As for us fans, from our end of the saber, we got the easiest part, as were only expected to enjoy and just make sure we don’t die for a least another ten years.

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