Disney should buy DC too

Should Disney Go Ahead And Buy DC Entertainment Too?

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If you told me ten years ago that Disney would own the film rights to Lucasfilm, Marvel, Avatar, Planet of the Apes, Alien, Predator, Pixar, The Muppets, and a large number of others, I probably wouldn’t believe you. However, it’s 2017 and here we stand. Disney has just acquired 21st Century Fox’s film and TV studios in a landmark deal that sees dozens of characters being added to their stable. For the first time, it’s possible to dream of an X-Men film starring an Avenger, that Deadpool/Spider-Man film doesn’t seem like an impossibility and the sky is truly the limit for the brand and its franchises. In terms of dominating the superhero genre, there’s only one company that stands in their way: Warner Bros. Their DC properties are the only threat to Marvel’s rule over the industry. But could and should Disney buy DC Entertainment from Warner Bros. too?

Disney should buy DC

The fight between Marvel and DC comic book fans is still ongoing, with many swearing that Warner is incapable of making proper use of their properties. With their Justice League film considered a failure by many and the recent reshuffle of leadership by the studio, Warner doesn’t seem to be in the best position to usher in their cinematic universe anymore. In fact, with Ben Affleck probably stepping out from the role of Batman and a few of the film properties uncertain, it seems a little close to broken at the moment.

On the other end of the spectrum, 19 films later, the Marvel franchise seems to be stronger than ever. While we can argue about comic book movie preferences and the quality of the films all day, it’s hard to argue that Marvel hasn’t created a successful franchise – one that shows no signs of slowing down. And it all seems to stem from the fact that Disney and Marvel seem to have these films mapped out for years to come, whereas DC seems to take bigger gambles by simply taking it as it comes. Unfortunately, it’s time to admit that it hasn’t worked out for the DCEU. It’s time to admit that they are in desperate need of an overhaul or a Flashpoint reboot of sorts.

Disney should buy DC too

That said, you have’ta wonder what the DCEU might be like under Disney’s guidance? Could we possibly get a franchise that’s closer to the comic books? Could we finally see toy stores scattered with kid-appropriate DC toys? Could we finally have effective DC television shows that neatly ties into the film franchises? Could we get the Superman we deserve?

These are hard questions to answer and it’s probably harder to admit that Warner Bros. hasn’t really taken the franchise to its full potential. However, it’s not too late to turn it all around. It’s not too late to give fans the DC characters they want to see onscreen. It’s easy to admit that the DC universe is rich with mythology and probably has the stronger and more recognisable characters. They simply need to steer the franchise in the right direction. Wonder Woman proved that they are capable.

So, to answer the question, should Disney go ahead and buy DC Entertainment too? No, not yet. But if they don’t figure out what audiences want soon, they might as well put a price tag on the universe and ship it all over to Disney too.

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  1. Scott Ford

    Give it 10, 20 years. Once the Avengers/X-Men/Fantastic 4 story lines run their course… and the only move is the Marvel v. DC movie.

  2. Joe Ike Capone Moore

    It’s only a matter of time people… The moment Disney bought the rights to Star Wars i knew the takeover had begun… #ItsGonnaHappen

  3. Mirza Mohammad

    Anyone with clear eyes and clear mind and not overly bias would say green to go to disney to buy DC. I mean, seriously lets be honest WB never did a very good job handling the cinematic universe. Directors are okay but WB is being an ass cutting out scene and stuff. Let Disney buy DC and let Kevin Feige handle the cinematic universe just like he did with Marvel. So far the guy is awesome at it.

    But reading most of the comment here, either everyone is too stupid or too biased to see the error in the cinematic universe. Thats why MCU will always be better, thats fact not bias opinion.

    • Carlton Bacon

      Look at your faggot ass saying the most idiotic thing a marvel fanboy can say bringing politics into something completely unrelated to politics. You stupid Bitch ass cunt. Bet you’re having a temper tantrum that Thor 3 is $300 million behind Justice League but is quick to say we’re having tantrums. Lol ok

  4. Carlton Bacon

    No. Warner Bros is DC home. And Disney has all of marvel now they don’t need to own everything under the sun. DC has always been more complex, and in depth storytelling . Not worrying about appealing to certain fans or to kids. They tell their story and worry only about their story. Disney Marvel focuses on jokes every five seconds that are forced and have no high stakes in their movies and yet get praised for it. No Disney is not going anywhere near Warner Bros DC

  5. Enrique Guzman

    DC books have been gold. I don’t think they’d be doing the Metal books under a Disney ownership so no it’s not best for DC

  6. Enrique Guzman

    DC books have been gold. I don’t think they’d be doing the Metal books under a Disney ownership so no it’s not best for DC

  7. Michael Ary

    No… they should never be owned by the same company… the only thing that could be considered a good thing i a Marvel vs DC epic movie trilogy

  8. Tyler Michael Manning

    NOOOOO. Disney is ruining Star Wars, they’ve ruined Marvel movies for me and now they are going to make Deadpool PG-13 probably…

  9. Tyler Michael Manning

    NOOOOO. Disney is ruining Star Wars, they’ve ruined Marvel movies for me and now they are going to make Deadpool PG-13 probably…

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